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Welcome to the world of Evolved Novelties – the next generation of massagers. We are pleased to introduce you to our comprehensive line of new products, as well as, a mind-set – which distinguishes us as the most original and innovative adult toy and novelty manufacturer in the world.

Our tag line – Love is Back™ epitomizes our commitment to bringing an air of style and sophistication to our products. In fact, our commitment to bringing Love Back is so strong, that we developed our logo to incorporate the word “Love.” With a staff of true artisans, we have accomplished just that … a lineage of products that are as aesthetically pleasing, as they are – physically satisfying. With the soft and delicate contours of a woman’s body as inspiration, we painstakingly designed – and redesigned – every product to assure maximum gratification.

News and announcements

  • Evolved Novelties Now Offering 5-Year Warranties

    Evolved Novelties announces across the board five-year warranties for all of their products, a substantial increase from the previous one-year offer.

    The company noted that it has offered a warranty on all of their toys since its inception, and is known for its emphasis on consumer satisfaction in design, execution and marketing.

    “With our rigorous toy testing, we have no issue with extending our replacement guarantee to this length of time,” marketing director Marcus West added. “We stand behind our product 100 percent because we make sure it lives up to high standards before it leaves the building. Our returns are quite low because of our thorough practices.”

    The warranty process involves filling out a simple form on the company MyEvolved.com and a return of the product for exchange of a new one.

    The five-year warranty is available now on all Evolved Novelties products.

    via Xbiz.com
  • Evolved Novelties Wins “O” Award for “Best Packaging”

    Canoga Park, California – It’s sweet music to any company’s ears to hear the words – “and the winner is” before the mention of their name. For Adult Toy and Novelty manufacturer Evolved Novelties, who was awarded the AVN “O” Award for Best Packaging, it was especially satisfying. While being recognized as being “the best” is something to be proud of, Alves quickly pointed out it also sets the company’s creative bar even higher. “This award now challenges us to create products and packaging even more spectacular. Given the buzz at Evolved’s booth at the Adult Novelty Expo (which corresponded with the “O” Awards), it appears that the company may be up to the challenge. Evolved’s new products (including the Silicone Fleur-de-Lis and Roulette Lines) were met with rave reviews – and their release are highly anticipated.

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