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Naughty secrets body fragrance reviews

19 reviews
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19 reviews

I had been meaning to pick this up for the longest time now, but of course these go out like water. When I found out there were two scents in, I decided to go with the "Oh So Sexy Original". I am glad I did I love the smell of this mist and plan to try the "Make Me Blush". The citrus one does not really appeal to me. I am not a citrus girl.

This is just an amazing body spray. If you're looking for something that smells good, lasts a long time, is good to your skin, and has pheromones, this is the spray for you.

Make Me Blush is a fun and flirty body fragrance that can be used daily. It's light and airy and though strong at first, mellows nicely as the day goes on. It doesn't dry out your skin like some body products, and doesn't leave your skin feeling funny. Though it contains pheromones, it's not likely you'll notice any extra attention, unless of course your confidence is shining through.

Overall I would highly recommend at least trying this product out. The price is actually amazing compared to where I got her first one and what price they were asking for.

Basically, I'd say it's got everything a body spray needs. It smells good, but not overpowering, it's sexy and it's been a favorite among my circle of friends and family. The citrus one smells mostly citrus with a hint of spice, but there are two other scents if citrus isn't your thing. I would say it's a must buy, so go ahead and just do it.

The Make Me Blush body mist may be the perfect gift to yourself, a friend or a lover. Its scent of sweet pea, blue violet, powder and white cedar make for an interesting combination that may or may not work with your body chemistry. However, it really smelled awful on me and I will be passing this on to someone who can enjoy it.

After trying this spray, I can't wait to try other scents in this line of body sprays. Not only does it smell great, the smell lasts and isn't too overpowering.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone who loves body sprays or someone with an upcoming bridal shower. This body spray would make a lovely gift.

Don't jump up to go get this- it may smell nice when you spray it, but it doesn't linger on anything for more than a few moments! Very disappointing.

This perfume is exactly what one fears when buying perfumes. It is strong, floral and long-lasting. You need to avoid this entirely if you have a sensitive nose or sinuses. It gives me a headache unless I follow a strict airing-out protocol. I would send all people who are looking for a warm, soft, slightly floral scent to the Make Me Blush Body Dew instead of the perfume.

I can't say I was overly impressed by this, but I didn't really expect to be. I'm always skeptical about pheromones, especially when they claim to make you "irresistible". The scent was nice and flowery without being overbearing.

This product bummed me out. It not only doesn't smell at all like the body oil in the same line, but it's super strong and gave me a terrible headache. Not normally one for such severe reactions, I can only assume that if you often have issues with powerful perfumes this is not the one for you. On the upside it does last a long time!

Naughty Secrets Body Fragrance comes in 3 different aromas, I got the Citrus. It is a long lasting, fresh and citrusy aroma that has a hint of of a tart, masculine tone. Wear this as a perfume, use it to freshen the air for a quick pick me up or spritz it on coffee filters and toss them in a dresser drawer to lightly freshen your clothing. This is a wonderful scent for mornings and middle afternoons, citrus is known to have the ability to perk you up and make you feel more alert.

The Naughty Secret Body Fragrance is just the citrus scent I was looking for. It is long lasting while not having an over powering or chemical smell to it. I think this scent can be enjoyed by everyone!

The Naughty Secrets pheromone infused body spray is absolutely amazing. The Make Me Blush scent is a sweet, floral fragrance with sweet pea, blue violet, and white cedar. The scent is long lasting and medium-strong. It's not overpowering at all, but those around you will get a good hint of the scent. This stuff is also made in the USA and not tested on animals. For the price, you're getting amazing quality.

If you are seeking a pheromone body spray, try this one out! You can't beat the price for this quality of smell, and the quantity.

This scent is so subtle I could wear it anywhere, everyday. At first I didn't think I would like it, but it smells great on my skin. It has pheromones so it really is like a naughty secret.

Oh Sassy do I love thee? Let me count the ways. One - you are fresh and lemony and tart even! Two - you are fairly strong in your scent (at least at first). Three - you have no chemical after-smell. Will you please come home with me and live in my bathroom forever - or at least until I run out of you and need to buy more?

My overall opinion of Naughty Secrets is that it really is Oh So Sexy! I love the pretty bottle and especially the nozzle that produces a fine mist. It lasts a long time and it definitely attracted my boyfriend to me even more than usual. It smells like a warm summer evening when all the fragrant flowers are in bloom. The only con is that it's very strong and for those of you that don't like florals or are sensitive it might be too much for you and give you a headache.

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