Sex in the Shower vibrating mesh sponge - massage mitt by Sportsheets - reviews

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Sex in the Shower vibrating mesh sponge reviews

10 reviews
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10 reviews

I bought this product hoping to have a pleasurable experience in the shower. It was one big disappointment! I would recommend buying a cheaper Walmart brand shower loofa as to not waste money on this product. I was very disappointed and now have a regular back scrubber instead!

Very disappointed in a toy that we thought could be fun in our bathtub. Instead, we wasted our money on a bath sponge that did not do what you were hoping it could do.

All in all this is a good concept and can be used alone or with a partner. It can be used to simply relax and unwind by massaging your body or it can be used for sexual pleasure. It is a single speed bullet which isn't power packed but still feels good.

This was a nice gift, since it was meant as a sexy hint at a night in the shower! But I would never buy this for myself, especially not for the price. Sportsheets usually produces much better products, but this one failed miserably. The bullet is weak, and the loofah seems cheap. If you're looking for a waterproof toy look elsewhere. If you're searching for a sexy, yet not too over the top gift, this would be a good one though!

This is a great way to hide a bullet; it is perfect for travel and at home use. No one will ever guess what's in it, but it's not very strong!

A complete and utter disappointment. If you are going to purchase one of these, please don't waste your money. Take a dollar, hit up the dollar store, and you'll have just as good of a product with the same amount of vibrations; NONE. This product is a FAIL.

While this is fun for a little while, I am not sure how long it will hold up. The vibrations could be a little stronger and the bullet more accessible.

That's ok, after a few uses mine didn't either. You're not getting much with this purchase, and when all you end up with is a loofah, you might as well just go buy one from the dollar store.

Sex In The Shower Vibrating Mesh Sponge is a better idea than an actual toy. The vibrations though the mesh really didn't do that much. It's also a nightmare to get cleaned out. And the price is a killer for just a shower puff

While the idea of a sponge and a vibrating bullet rolled into one package sounds good, this didn't turn out very well. The sponge is pretty low quality and the vibrating bullet doesn't provide much in way of vibrations. I can't think of any redeeming qualities of this, with the exception of freaking people out by leaving it with the bullet showing. The bullet kind of looks like a tiny spy cam or something.

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