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What? Your Loofah Doesn't Vibrate?

That's ok, after a few uses mine didn't either. You're not getting much with this purchase, and when all you end up with is a loofah, you might as well just go buy one from the dollar store.
Mesh of loofah is soft and feels nice
Bullet stopped working, Doesn't lather very well
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The concept behind a vibrating loofah is pretty cool. Clean myself and get off at the same time? Sign me up! Unfortunately, this wasn't so exciting.

The box is similar to that of the other Sex In The Shower items; mostly white with plenty of implied sex going on. Inside, your loofah comes in a plastic bag.

It's a nice purple color, and feels on par with your "standard" loofah, if not a little softer than some. It's on the smaller side, making it very easy to hold with one hand, even for those with small hands. Inside all of that purpley mesh is a silver bullet. It's housed in a little white plastic case that seems to be glued to the bullet. Through a hole in the casing, there's a string that seems to be holding the whole thing together, or at least holding the bullet into the loofah. The bullet itself is about 2" long. It's not that hard to get to the battery compartment, although you will have to hold some mesh out of the way. Before you can use this for the first time you'll have to open it up, and remove a small piece of paper that was preventing a connection from being made.

Afterwards, you can enjoy the one speed of vibration by pressing down on the little black button. The vibrations do travel well through all of the mesh, giving you a nice, lightly vibrating scrub down. If you take the time to move the mesh aside and expose the bullet, you can get more pinpoint vibrations that are much stronger than through the mesh. They're still a little on the buzzy side and won't do much for some, but I think this was designed as more of a foreplay item than something actually for sex. While this wasn't the loudest bullet I've ever heard, it's certainly not the quietest either. However, being in the shower tends to mask a lot of sounds, and while it may sound loud to you actually in the shower, it's unlikely that anybody in the same room would be able to hear it going with the shower going, let alone somebody walking by the closed door.

As for using this as an actual loofah, it works for the most part. Since there's a large, hard mass in the center of the loofah, it doesn't lather quite as well as a traditional loofah would. However if you can gather a good chunk of it you can get a good lather going with a good body wash.

After you're all done using your loofah, you should rinse it out thoroughly and leave it out to dry. You can hang it with the 6" long handle, or you can rest it on something. While I haven't personally had any problems, something to keep in mind is that being in a warm damp environment can promote mold growth in just about anything, so you should probably toss this after about 8 weeks, or if it starts to smell like mildew. If your loofah doesn't live in the shower, it should last you longer. It didn't have much of a scent right out of the box, but after being used it does have a faint scent of a combination of some of my body washes.
I honestly wasn't expecting much from this. I needed a new loofah, I had some extra commission, this seemed kinda funny, so I bought it. I was so disappointed with it. The bullet worked perfectly during the first time I used it, staying on for about 15 minutes and not losing any strength. The second time I went to use it I could get vibrations, but only if I held the button down. And the third time, it didn't work at all. Upon closer inspection of the battery compartment, there seems to be a bit of corrosion setting in, which tells me that moisture got in there somehow.

I'm going to work on removing the bullet to see if I can maybe put in a different one or just have a squishy loofah, but I'm not holding my breath. You'd probably be better off tying a trusted waterproof bullet onto a dollar store loofah.
Follow-up commentary
Realistically I'm more neutral on this than anything. It still works as a loofah, so I still use it as a loofah. I know you're supposed to replace them more often than I do, but I personally haven't had a problem yet. I will probably replace it soon, but I'm not in a giant rush. I still don't recommend buying it though.
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  • Breas
    Got it today, tried it today. mine barely worked from the get go. I was so disapointed. I wrote my review, but its not published yet. It got a 1 star rating from me!
  • Jul!a
    Sorry yours didn't work any better than mine. It works just fine as a loofah for me, but I've never spent this much money on just a loofah for me, so I can't argue for a better rating either lol.
  • melianofvalinor9
    I really thought this would be a great item until I read the reviews, it's so sad it's a dud.
  • Jul!a
    I know, I had a lot of high hopes for it.
  • Review It
    Bummer that it stopped working!
  • Jul!a
  • limitless
    Great review
  • Jul!a
  • MissCandyland
    Too bad about the corrosion. Thanks for the review!!
  • Jul!a
    You're quite welcome!
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