Sex on the go lubricated intimate wipes - lubricant by Cal Exotics - reviews

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Sex on the go lubricated intimate wipes reviews

9 reviews
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9 reviews

I would suggest Sex on the Go lubricating wipes for the discreet traveler, or for a couple who is very busy in their lives and likes to fit a quickie in before work or any other activities. The wipes are infused with the lubrication, so the mess is almost non-existent and takes away the factor of over pouring. I would not recommend this as an anal lubricant because it would not provide enough lubrication for your sexual activity to feel at it's peak and the lubrication dries quickly.

These wipes and I have a love-hate relationship. Yes, they are very convenient, virtually unscented, and very slick; however, I tend to have to wash it off afterward and it doesn't last as long as I would hope, even using 2 at a time. The box only comes with three. I think I would get this again if the formula was altered as to where the lube lasts longer and doesn't leave you with the ick-factor afterward. I give this 3 stars, because it displays how I feel about it- torn in between the two.

If this product didn't contain glycerine, I'd recommend it to everyone. These wipes are just super convenient and make spontaneous sex more doable. They also take up a lot less space and are a lot less messy than a bottle of lubricant. Finally, this is just such a unique product.

Sex on the Go by California Exotics gets a five-star rating from me. They lubricate well, feel natural, last longer than expected and are really easy to use and apply. There could be a few more wipes in a package, but overall, these are handy wipes to have around, especially if you're frequently on the go. The lube does need to be washed off, but even that isn't really a huge issue for me.

I would save my money if I were you. This product is definitely not worth giving a try. I would try to find something a bit better that doesn't smell so bad.

I love these wipes. They are perfect for when I am trying to prepare for a spontaneous event (sounds contradictory, eh?) The wipes last for a decent amount of time and are small enough to keep in my pocket, purse, or wallet at all times. I would definitely buy these again if one sale (at $3.99, I think they are 50% above their price point).

The Sex on the Go Lubricated Intimate Wipes by Cal Exotics are a great way to get things wet when you are on the go. The convenience of a water-based lube on a wet-nap! No worries about getting a bottle of lube past TSA or having to buy some while you are on a date. They are convenient, clean and easy to use, and get the job done. They may not be effective enough for some people who need more lube, but these little packets will be in my luggage on my honeymoon.

I'm just not crazy about these lubricated wipes. I'd much rather have a sample pack of lube than a lubed wipe. Wipes are for cleaning in my opinion.

Sex on the Go is a real easy to use, and great for traveling. I wish it had a little more lube, or that the lube would last a bit longer than it does. It is great for traveling , and is always ready to go, when you are.

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