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Soft moves massage cream Soft moves massage cream

Cream by Shunga Erotic Art

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Soft moves massage cream reviews

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24 reviews

In conclusion, this product is another great product from Shunga. Definitely worth a try, and it's not that expensive! I'll be using this for years to come!

If you love sensual massages, great scents and a wonderful aftertaste, Shunga massage cream might just be what you are looking for!

This is an interesting product. I've never used anything like it. Its raspberry kisses are luxurious, and its packaging is adorable and erotic, as well as artistic.

I love massage creams, oils, and lotions. I purchased the Raspberry Kiss Shunga Massage Cream to add to my collection and fell in love! This cream smells and tastes fabulous! I enjoy it so much I want to try this in every flavor.

Shunga Exotic Art has produced an amazing cream. It is creamy, pleasant smelling, and rubs in the skin well. A large jar for a decent price and a lid that tightens well will keep the cream form drying out. It is edible and can be used as a regular body lotion.

The Shunga Massage Cream is extremely luxurious and easily soothes dry skin with ingredients like honey and vitamin E! You will easily get your money's worth, a container lasts me at lest six months with regular use.

Shunga has done it again! The Shunga Blazing Cherry massage cream leaves you looking forward to giving your partner a massage! It is long lasting for a lengthy massage and leaves you looking forward to licking every inch of your partners body!

Give your partner a sweet massage!! Literally--this massage lotion has a pleasing scent and taste that will add to your sexy massage and foreplay sessions. The smell is out of this world, and the sweet cherry flavor is to die for, just get some before it is all rubbed in or you just get a bit of sweetness. Tease and please with this sensual lotion....

This sweet tasting and smelling massage cream is nice to try once, but you may find that it doesn't provide the experience you had imagined.

Shunga's massage cream really threw me for a loop. I usually like their products. The massage cream was runny, absorbed quickly, and the taste was gone before it got on good. I see this massage cream working well for a rough-and-tumble type of guy who doesn't want to smell like a girl's lotion (just an anti-nausea med instead) or wants to avoid looking moisturized and soft.

Shunga's massage cream is a great alternative to traditional massage oil. It massages easily into skin, leaving just a small amount of oil on top of skin. It doesn't feel super grimy or heavy on skin after a while like oil does. The scent and flavor of the raspberry massage cream is like a raspberry candy. This stuff tastes pretty good and does not leave an aftertaste. Unfortunately, this contains glycerin, parabens, and sugar, which can be bad news for some users.

Shunga Massage cream is better as a lotion than a sensual massage aid. If you're looking for something tasty, it's edible at best. It feels nice on the skin, but doesn't last long. If you're planning on a whole massage session, you'll end up using half the jar.

This is a really nice cream to get to use as a lotion, and can even turn yourself or your partner into a little treat. Available in four delightful scents, part of the fun is choosing which one to get. This is a great product to use, although I found the Vanilla scent to be a bit off.

Yet another fabulous Shunga product. Great taste, great smell, leaves your skin soft and silky. Nice addition for a great massage with your partner or even alone.

While Shunga has it's nice points, overall I wouldn't buy it again. Shunga just doesn't last long enough, requires too much re-application, and the "pro" of the nice smell is dependent on the user, making this a buy I just don't find worthwhile.

The Soft Moves Massage Creme from Shunga Erotic Art, is a great alternative to oil. I like giving massages but i hate leaving my boyfriend feeling like a sticky mess afterward. If given enough time, this massage creme absorbs nicely and doesn't make a mess. It is also great to use solo on your legs or other body parts. Either way, it leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Overall I'd say it is worth it, (Anything for a massage!) just make sure you get a scent that you can tolerate.

Shunga Massage cream is an edible massage cream that is available in a variety of scents. It is a smooth textured cream that is lightly scented. The Massage Cream works well for giving a sensual massage. It rubs in nicely and leaves a light scent on the skin. The cream does have a lotion taste and I prefer not to taste it and becomes sticky after rubbed in and must be washed off.

Shunga's Massage Cream will leave your skin smelling like candy. I feel like a cherry tootsie roll pop when I wear this lotion. It also tastes sweet and fruity and the scent and taste last a good while after it's been applied. It has a few downsides though that really take away from my overall enjoyment of the product. If it wasn't for the greasy residue I'd give this product five stars, but I just can't get past the tacky feel of the skin.

Shunga massage cream is definitely not for a long massage, but it sinks into your skin really nice. Once it's dry, it doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all. It leaves you lightly scented and lightly flavored, making you an irresistible treat.

Shunga Massage Cream, while thin for a cream, adds a wonderful dimension to sensual massage in that it tastes as good as it smells. Sweet, fruity, fully absorbed by the skin, it's very kissable and even works well as an every day sort of lotion. A bit sticky in the heat, but otherwise fantastic!

I had a few negatives on this one. I didn't care for the messy little container and I didn't find the smell/taste of my quite up to par, but I felt it was an effective little cream/lotion and I would buy it again. I would be excited about trying the different flavors.

Shunga Massage Cream is an edible moisturizing cream, that's great for massage. Its light pleasant smell and taste, make it worth the very slight residue that gets left behind.

Shunga Massage Cream is an excellent choice for a quick but invigorating massage when you want something that will absorb nicely into your skin and leave you feeling moisturized, not covered in oil.

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