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Terme tresses shampoo Terme tresses shampoo

Shampoo by Principessa Beauty

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Terme tresses shampoo reviews

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9 reviews

This is an awesome shampoo! It definitely does what it claims to do on the bottle (and that is to soften your hair.) but the lack of lather and the price may steer some people away from it. I definitely would not recommend this as a "daily driver" shampoo unless you really want to spend $10 every time on a hair product.

If you are looking for a lovely scented shampoo to make you feel special and leave you with silky healthy hair, this would be a great item to try. As long as you don't want your shampoo to lather. This shampoo, as great as it is, does not lather at all. For me, I like my shampoo to lather so I feel clean. I don't feel it is worth the price to me, but it is still a nice shampoo.

In my opinion, I think Princepessa missed the mark with their signature scent, Isolina. It's not my favorite, and it feels like it's just not for your average twenty or thirty-something woman. It does remind me of a tropical island, and I like that it's made in America, but otherwise I'm really not all that impressed.

While this shampoo is a bit pricey as compared to bargain buys, it's still a good purchase if you know you like the scent. It doesn't lather as nicely or as quickly as most other shampoos, but you really don't need more than other shampoos and it gets your hair squeaky clean and leaves it smelling like this for hours.

This is a real luxury type product. It works amazingly well, smells wonderful, and removes all traces of smoke from the scalp and hair, but it's a situation of you get what you pay for! I really love this product and will probably continue to purchase it in the future, but it is very expensive for what you get unless what you are looking for is soft, silky, manageable hair.

This shampoo will work for "normal" hair types, but won't work for everyone. It has a very pretty floral scent and a cure feminine package. I liked the shampoo well enough, but it won't become my regular go to shampoo.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! I expected so much more out of a nearly $26 bottle of what claimed to be "luxury" shampoo! It is far from luxurious, especially on the pocket book! If you want to spend more on a luxury shampoo, do yourself a favor and hit up a salon or beauty supply store instead!

After having such an amazing experience with the Terme Tresses Conditioner, that I actually tried first, I was surprised that its partner is less than fabulous. I found that this shampoo doesn't lather much so for someone with a lot of thick hair, I have to use tons of this pricey shampoo to cover my mane. And after it's washed out, my hair doesn't feel as clean as it does when I used my regular, much cheaper shampoo.

This Principessa shampoo smells great, leaves your hair clean and soft, and comes in a nice bottle too. It's a nice shampoo if you want to splurge and treat yourself to a fancy looking beauty product.

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