Wendy Williams salad tossing spray - edible spray by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Wendy Williams salad tossing spray reviews

8 reviews
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8 reviews

I think of this as nothing more then a novelty item. And it acts just like one. You cant really use it for a good foreplay session. It leaves you sticky and needing a teeth cleaning before you can orally please your partner. Skip this purchase.

With really fun packaging, nostalgic fragrance and the fun glittery bits that swirl around in the bottle, this will make a really fun gag gift this holiday season for some friends and cowarkers who will really enjoy the humor in it. If you want a fun laugh and you wash up after all your sessions, you might want to give this a whirl. However, if you take is seriously as it is packaged and seems to be intended, it falls a little bit short.

The name of this product makes this sound like this spray is only for rimming, however, the best use for this spray would be whatever you decided to use it for. This is meant as a sweet treat to add sweetness to your sex life rather than spice.

Wendy Williams Salad Tossing spray is an easy way to add some new flavor to your body licking enjoyment. Spray it on and let you tongue go wild; neck, nipples, belly, penis and of course ass, all can be licked to your hearts content. You even get a little bit of glimmer to add to the oral stimulation. Smells great and tastes even better.

This product is more versatile than its name implies. If you are into this type of flavored, sweet body spray, this may be a product for you. We did not much care for it with regards to rimming, but found it was interesting when used during foreplay on other areas of the body and in small doses. The glitter requires a good washing to get all of it off your skin.

Wendy's Lollipop Salad Tossing Spray can be used to add flavor and glitter to rimming. It can also be used as a body spray. The smell and taste is really amazing. The scent and glitter hold on to the skin really well too.

If you desperately want a glittery, candy-flavoured spray for when you're eating ass, you may want to reconsider why you're doing it and the cleanliness of your partner. Be aware that sweeteners can be unhealthy for pink bits... and yes, the asshole counts. But if you like the idea of having a body spray with glitter in it that doesn't taste bitter if your lover licks your breasts later after application, this might be good for you.

Wendy's lolipop salad tossing spray is a great sexual enhancement aid as well as an awesome body spray to add a light sheen in all the right places.

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