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I was disappointed that this pouch doesn't have a removable satin lining; it would make wrapping clean toys up and sealing them away much easier. I love that there's a color choice, it's cute, soft and the bag has ties so you can securely close the pouch. The Eden Toy Pouch keeps your clean toys clean and protects them from any hazards (hair, dust, cat drool hahah ext.)

If you are wanting a toy pouch in which to store your toys, this will work. If you are looking for a toy pouch to protect valuable glass treasures, this is not be the one you are after. For the price, there should be more than 1/4" of padding. This toy pouch isn't what I was hoping it would be.

Are you storing a beautiful toy in its box for fear of it rubbing against another toy or cracking against another glass toy? Get the toy pouch, it's much more pretty and takes up less space. It is also much more pretty, in my opinion, than any box could be.

I love my EF toy pouch! I store my favorite toys in this bag and keep the "sometimes" toys in a box and it's discreet enough that if it gets left out in plain sight no one is any wiser!

No matter what kind of toy you are hoping to keep inside the pouch, it will be very safe. I wouldn't try it at home, but I'd bet even glass would be safe if dropped.

Do you have some silicone or glass toys that need protecting but didn't come with a storage pouch? Do you not have the room to keep everything in the origional packaging? This Eden branded toy pouch is a great, practical way to solve these problems, but it also is an awesome size to hold pencils, makeup, or whatever else you want to grab and go.

This is a must have for any toy owner! Also great to use as a "gift wrap" option. Give massage items, lingerie, toys or a bundle set of candles! Either way, you'll be pleased with this bag. It's a great fit for any drawer!

I won this bag on the Eden forums and I am very satisfied with it. It is not big enough to hold more than a few toys and maybe some batteries, but it is just what I needed at this point in time. It is beautiful to look at, as well as being soft to the touch.

This pouch is a nice little storage piece, but it does not fit a lot of the toys I own that I wanted to use it for. Overall, I suppose it does it's job, but I wish it fit the toys I want to put in it!

I like the design a lot and would suggest this storage for anyone looking for a place for 2 normal size toys and some small bullets or batteries.

Ever wondered how you could travel with your most treasured toy? Or maybe you just need a well-crafted storage pouch to keep your glass toys safe, or preventing your favourite toy from reacting with other materials. Well look no further, EdenFantasys has come to the rescue with their Eden Toy Pouch.

These are a great option if you are looking for a stylish and plushy option to store your sex toys, especially if they are made of materials such as glass, ceramic and metal. Very discreet and travel friendly, you will find that these bags should meet most of your sex toy storage needs.

I love this pouch!! It's cute, stylish, and great place to store your toys. The EdenFantasys toy pouch does not just come in purple, but also black so it will work for almost anyone. The only thing that I found that this product lacked is padding. While it is great for storing all kinds of toys, it is not ideal for glass toys. But despite that this product is a 10 in my book.

To put it simply, I recommend these to everyone! Get them for yourselves or get them for a friend. I guarantee they will come in some sort of handy when you least expect it. Don't be fooled by the pictures online, these bags are of high quality and are padded and stitched to perfection. Not to mention that they are so cute!

Great little pouch. Can store so many different things. It has a great suede-like material on the outside, with the EdenFantasys logo. This makes it a very eye-catching pouch. I haven't noticed any drawbacks from the pouch yet. I love it and all its uses.

Eden Toy Pouches are a must for glass, ceramic, metal, or wood toys. They are perfectly padded and do not take up a lot of unnecessary space in your toy box. They are durable and roomy and will last a lifetime...and help your toys do the same!

The EdenFantasys Toy Pouch is an adorable little pouch that can keep your toys safe from harm or just keep them all within easily reach. It isn't padded enough for fragile toys, but for basically any other toy under the sun, this will easily work for storage.

The Eden Toy Pouch is one of the most amazing products I have put my sex toys in. I feel safe that my toys are in a safe pouch!

This is a pretty and fun bag to store your favorite sex toy. It's sewn very well and made with sturdy materials. The gems add a nice flare without looking too tacky.

The Eden Fantasys toy pouches are an excellent option for storing just about anything but, in particular, glass and ceramic pieces. They're lightly padded, very well made, have incredibly useful corded drawstrings, stay closed well and protect your toys from banging against each other. Excellent for any toy that will fit!

Simple, cute, functional. Do you need anything else? Not the biggest of pouches, but the Eden Toy Pouch is exactly what it seems to be and does it's job well. Great for your favorite toy- or toys- and taking them on the road. Did I mention it's velvety smoothness? That's nice too.

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