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The EdenFantasys Toy Pouch is an adorable little pouch that can keep your toys safe from harm or just keep them all within easily reach. It isn't padded enough for fragile toys, but for basically any other toy under the sun, this will easily work for storage.
Doesn't leave fuzzies, gems are pretty, high-quality, allows you to show pride in EF
Not padded, a bit pricey
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The Eden Toy Pouch is a small pouch that holds toys intended to help them bit (a bit) more discreet as well as keep them safe from lint and other fluffies. The bag measures a little over ten inches tall as well as about five inches across in width. It comes in two separate colors - both a black as well as a purple. The black, which I have, has an inner pink lining which provides for a gorgeous contrast. The outer black material seems to be a polyester material which feels a bit like suede while the inner material seems like a soft satin. The inner layer doesn't shed fabric or anything, so you shouldn't have any problem with the inner layer getting lint on your toys. The drawstring feels a bit like some sort of polyester fabric, so it does feel pretty slick.

For those that are curious, yes, this IS the exact same other "Toy Pouch" that looks the same here on EF. The difference with this one is that it has the EdenFantasys logo in small little gems along the front of the bag. If you think it's worth the extra money, I'd recommend this one just because the logo does look so gorgeous on the front - aside from that, it doesn't make a difference. I will say that the logo does make the bag a bit less discreet though. However, the gems seem really well-glued, and despite attempting to pick at them, I haven't had any of them fall off on me yet. For me, when I feel really proud of being a contributor here at EF as well as love the site, I just wanted something to represents that. (I'll be really excited when those tote bags find their way to me someday. :( )

I would say that this doesn't really have the proper padding to be storing high-quality glass toys in here if you're concerned about them getting hurt. It does have a couple layers of fabric included in the making of this, but it doesn't have enough padding that I'd qualify this as a glass toy bag. I know that all of the SSA Glass Toys come in bags like this (without the logo), so I know it will suffice to store your glass toy and keep it from getting scratched, but if your intention is to keep the glass toy safe in case of dropping it, I would not trust this storage pouch to do that.

However, for anything else, I'd definitely give a thumbs up. Like I said, the inner lining doesn't actually shed, so you won't have any problem with your silicone picking up fuzzies when it's rested inside of here.

Every toy from the LELO series should fit in here. (Not at once!) I don't own the Eleven, but aside from the Eleven, the rest of the NJoy series should fit in here. Most FunFactory (if not all, I don't own them all) should fit inside of this. The pouch expands enough that you shouldn't have any problem fitting dildos with bases in here either. Basically, if your dildo is less than nine and a half inches and doesn't take up more than four inches of space, it should fit. (That four inches includes if your toy leans to one side or another.) However, the vast majority of toys offered out there should fit in here unless it's an extreme like really tall, has a huge diameter, or something like that. If the toy is small, you should be able to fit multiple toys in here. However, do keep in mind what material your sex toy is, because you don't want to go to get your sex toy and find that your two toys have melded together. I will say that most rabbit vibes probably won't fit in here very easily - but some will fit. My Ina worked okay, but it was tight, but any other rabbits of mine were a bit too large.

You could probably get away with storing most smaller floggers in here. My little rubber whip flogger easily fits in here. My Spareparts Joque harness fits in here with a bit of pushing as well. Ball gags, cuffs, and other kink toys fit too. (Plus, with kink toys, they don't melt into each other, so you can shove to your heart's content!)
I haven't had to wash this pouch, but it does turn inside-out easily for easy cleaning. Because the satin is soft and easily cleaned, a leaking lubricant wouldn't harm the fabric (though I wouldn't recommend it either.) Wiping it down with a damp washcloth should end up getting rid of the majority of messies. I wouldn't recommend throwing this in the wash though if you turned it inside out first and washed it on delicate, it might work.

I honestly haven't decided what I'm going to keep in here long-term. I just know I wanted this little pouch because it had the logo on it. It is a bit overpriced for what it is, but it is a well-made, unpadded pouch that should easily protect your toys while displaying your like for the company. My recommendation for this pouch would be to use it for storage of toys that pick up fuzzies, use it to keep your favorite toy, lube, and batteries together, or use it for easily storage while traveling. I'll probably just keep it around for storage of my favorite toy at the time. I think I'm going to be picking up more too - they are great bags, and I like them.
Follow-up commentary
I still love my Eden Toy Pouch. I love anything that has EdenFantasys on it. EF has become such a big part of my life lately, and I just love to show brand loyalty I guess. The pouch still looks amazing, and while the outside does have a habit of picking up a bit of hair, it's nothing to worry about, and it keeps my sex toys safe from harm.

I did recently receive another pouch from DevineToys that does have a divider in the middle to allow two toys to rest in the pouch, and that's something I wish that EF would have done with this pouch.
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    Great review, thanks!
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    Wish they sold these in bulk...

    Great review!
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    I have about fifteen of the non-adorned toy pouches. They are well-made.
    Great review!
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    Eep! I want one!
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    I thought they were more padded. Awww! Thanks for a great review, by the way.
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    wonderful review - so informative! (you definitely tested it out.)
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    Great review, thanks! I want this in purple..I'll have to see if I can add a divider to it somehow, that's a great idea!
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