For your nymphomation sex toy case

Storage container discontinued
by For your nymphomation

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The FYN Toybox is a snazzy looking case that can easily pass as a small luggage or laptop bag as long as no one looks too closely at the tabs. It's easy to slide it under a bed or dresser to hide it away while at home, and it can hold enough toys to keep anyone satisfied on a trip.

The FYN Adult Toybox is a compact, discreet yet roomy case for just about anything you wish to store in it; vibrators and dildos, BDSM gear, massage aids, lingerie, DVDs, just about anything could be carted around in this case. Locking, glow in the dark zipper pulls make it convenient and secure.

Protect your toys from prying eyes, or protect the innocent from the nature of your sexual activities. Whatever your motive for keeping your toys under wraps, this case is perfect for keeping a small to medium sized-collection of toys secure. It can also be useful to bring your favorite pleasure objects on vacation.

What isn't amazing about this item? Not only is it affordable, but it's also amazingly cute and discreet. No need to worry about stashing it out of sight when unexpected company comes over, no one will even know what it's for or what's in it! In the dark and need to unlock the case? No problem! The case has a glow in the dark marker so you can find the lock and be exposed to all your goodies in no time!

Do you keep your toys in a pillow case, or a cardboard box? Is your drawer overflowing? The for your nymphomation sex toy case will help discreetly store your precious vibrators - if you're willing to make a little extra effort.

This is something I didn’t think I needed, but I can’t imagine being without! It’s a great gift for yourself or that special friend. If you’re feeling extra generous, fill it with toys before wrapping it up.

This is a reasonable case that will most likely hold up under every day usage. Pick your pattern, and know what you want in a case.

Sick of carrying your vibes in duffel bags made for gym shorts? Tired of having to store your toys in Zip-Loc bags? For Your Nymphomation has the bag for you!Slick and stylish,

This case is wonderfully unassuming and well-constructed, but it doesn't offer many features that distinguish it from any other lockable receptacle. The elastic straps and pocket are not as useful as they appear, and there is no way to separate toys that could melt together.

Want all your toys in one, easy to access location? Want them held stylishly and securely, knowing that without a key, no random passerby can dig through your business? Then this case is just what you're looking for!

This is a great solution for storage problems. It is sturdy and the zipper is secure and sturdy. It also travels well in the car or on the motorcycle!

This is a pretty, wonderful box. It is made very well and has a great zipper. It would not be the best for security but it is a dream for storage.

The For Your Nymphomation Sex Toy Case is a surpisingly versatile product that comes in handy in a surprising variety of ways.

The For Your Nymphomation™ Sex Toy Case is sex toy luggage at it's finest. It's inconspicuous enough to pass for a normal toiletry bag or even a small laptop bag. I have absolutely no problems taking this wherever I go!

I fit a lot more in the case than I had expected. Right now, I have a large rabbit, a very realistic dildo with balls, a ridged dildo, Shane's World™ secret lover, 2 bullets, a flogger, lube, condoms, extra batteries, a few DVDs and lingerie. I can still fit more.

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