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The For Your Nymphomation™ Sex Toy Case is sex toy luggage at it's finest. It's inconspicuous enough to pass for a normal toiletry bag or even a small laptop bag. I have absolutely no problems taking this wherever I go!
It looks incredibly sophisticated.
It only holds a few toys so you have to pick wisely over which ones you want to bring.
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I don't often take my sex toys|Sex toys for women outside of my home. However, I was going on vacation and I wanted to bring a few goodies with me. I contemplated sticking them in a duffel bag for the plane ride, as to look as inconspicuous as possible, but I refrained and instead went with my For Your Nymphomation Sex Toy Case|For your nymphomation™ sex toy case.

My favorite thing about this case, besides the incredible rich red color, is that it has a lock included. The lock feels solid, comparable to one you used on your diary in high school but with more substance to it. It has two classic skeleton keys, if you're like me you're bound to lose one so it's always nice to have a backup.

Inside of the case there was a pouch on one side and elastic straps on the other side. The pouch was only large enough to fit my Delight vibrator inside of it's travel case, my Silicone crystal cote butt plug|Silicone Crystal Cote butt plug - Anal sex toys - Butt plugs, and a sample bottle of water based lubricant from Emotional Bliss. On the other side I was able to hold in place with the straps; my Elise g-spot vibrator|Lelo Elise - G-spot vibrators, Chandra finger vibrator|Chandra Finger vibrator, and my Non-skid butt plug|Non-skid plug - Anal sex toys - Butt plugs. While there was a strap remaining, it was too small and too tight to fit anything into; if I had wanted to put condoms in it's slot, I would have had to fold them in half vertically. Before I zipped up the case I was able to squeeze in the charger for all three rechargeable toys and a couple random cock rings I had found laying around.

This case is perfect for a short trip or for a weekend away. It held enough toys that I was satisfied for the week I was gone, I didn't wish I could have brought more toys and didn't have to sacrifice my Delight and it's travel case for something smaller. I wasn't brave enough to have this as carry-on luggage because most toys were electronic and there were liquids, but for the short time I held it inside of the airport, it looked sleek and sophisticated enough to pass for a small laptop bag. Before checking in I made sure to stick it inside of my larger suitcase so the case and my toys wouldn't be damaged by rough handlers.

When our flight landed and we finally made our way to the baggage claim carousel I spotted my luggage at once. I opened my suitcase and grabbed my sex toy case, all toys were just as I left them, unbelievably none had shifted or come loose from the elastic straps! After I had zipped up the case a lady next to me asked where I got my adorable bag, I wasn't embarrassed in the least to say it was a gift from the good people at

It's a beautiful bag. If you're heading off for a private weekend or on your way to a sex toy party, your toys are bound to travel in style! However, be gentle with it- mine broke after 6 months!
Follow-up commentary
Unfortunately, my follow-up is a sad one. I've been using this case heavily since Christmas and I went to take out a toy yesterday and the zipper was broken. I tried as hard as I could to get the teeth to realign but neither my husband nor myself could fix it. After 6 months of dedicated use my For Your Nymphomation Sex Toy Case|FYN sex toy case - Review by Juicy Justine up and quit on me.

It was an incredible solution for my most precious toys, I always knew they were safeguarded inside. I wonder what I'll do in the interim between now and finding a new bag. I can certainly still use it to hold my toys but it cannot travel with me unless I decide I want to duck tape it up since it can no longer be zippered close.

It survived 4 plane flights, a curious toddler curious to get inside of it, and my fast and hasty hands struggling to unzip it repeatedly in moments of passion. I will without a doubt mourn the loss of this bag.
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  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Great review!  These really are excellent products!  I received mine as a gift and never really thought I'd use it, but it's been indispensable ever since!

    Sounds like you had a great week! ;)
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Dame, FYN bags are sleek and stylish! I love mine. The week was great, I was able to travel out of the city, up to the quiet coast of Maine and I enjoyed myself immensely!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    For those that rated this "not useful at all," is there any additional information I could give about this toy case? Is there anything you're curious about or do you have any questions that I could answer?
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Does anyone have any questions about the FYN case?
  • Contributor: Jenny Smith
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: xxxbluexxx
    nice job! thanks!
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