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In general, I like the variety that the Sqweelers offer and prefer at least 2 of the 3 to the original wheel. Unfortunately, the Studded Sqweeler consistently feels sticky and has too much give...allowing little to no pressure to be exerted on the clit.

The nubbed version of the sqweeler isn't something I'd suggest if you need a good amount of stimulation. The texture itself is very subtle, and the material makes for a very draggy toy that doesn't take excellently to lube.

This offers more options to the standard Sqweel wheel for when you want to mix it up and try something new. With three patterns and $9.99 each, they're a great deal.

Sure, you can live with the mediocrity of the original Sqweel wheel, but why not step up to the better experience in the Sqweeler?

I ordered the Sqweeler as a fan of the Sqweel, but was let down by this wheel's awkward design and lack of sensations. It simply didn't work very well or provide much feeling. I appreciate having an alternative to the original wheel, but I found that this version was much less satisfying for me.

If you have a Sqweel but are not thrilled with it, the problem is not the case or motor but the insert. Spend a few bucks and buy a Sqweeler insert. I suggest the Wavy Sqweeler since it brought me waves of pleasure.

If you liked the Sqweel, you will probably like the Sqweelers. They provide different, unique sensations that feel nothing like any other toy I've ever tried. If you tried the Sqweel and weren't impressed with it, don't expect the Sqweeler to be able to save it for you.

If you're not happy with the original wheel that came in your Sqweel, don't fret. You can always pick up a Sqweeler instead! You can choose from three unique textures to continue on your oral sex simulating adventures. The nubbed Pearl texture is a bit extreme for some women, but is still not a bad addition to your Sqweeler collection.

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