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That Is Most Definitely Not A Pierced Tongue

If you're not happy with the original wheel that came in your Sqweel, don't fret. You can always pick up a Sqweeler instead! You can choose from three unique textures to continue on your oral sex simulating adventures. The nubbed Pearl texture is a bit extreme for some women, but is still not a bad addition to your Sqweeler collection.
Easy to clean, Not a lint magnet, Low cost
Some may fine the texture to be a bit too extreme
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The Sqweel is a really neat toy, and part of what makes it so neat is the ability to change out the wheel that spins inside of it, or, your Sqweeler. There are three different designs to choose from, so take your pick and start swapping!

Each Sqweeler will come in a plastic clamshell that lets you see it inside, plain as day. You'll also be able to see the firmness and which specific Sqweeler it is. The back is a general informational sheet that tells you a little bit about Sqweelers in general, how to use them, and that there are three. You can also see which Sqweeler has what firmness. The packaging is good for storage since it isn't overwhelmingly huge.

As mentioned earlier, there are three Sqweelers you can choose from. I have the Pearl texture, which is also the most firm. It's supposed to simulate a pierced tongue lapping at your clitoris, but most tongue studs are a bit harder than even this TPR, so if you like the real thing this probably won't adequately simulate it. It has 8 raised nubs that are about 2/3" long and just under 1/4" tall and run right down the middle of the wheel. The outer edges of the wheel are lined with raised spikes. While the TPR is rather firm, it's still got a bit of plush to it so you can push down for more pressure during use. You can get a reasonable amount of pressure on it before it starts to slow down in the Sqweel I've found. The firmness and the design may be a bit too intense for some during use with any amount of pressure, but if you hold it just right you can get more of a teasing effect out of it. You can also use it to stimulate the nipples or the testicles.

The Sqweeler itself is about 3" across. On the side that faces up when you load the Sqweeler into the Sqweel, all you can really see is a smooth looking face and the top nub of the piece that locks the Sqweeler into place. The other side shows you the actual tube that slides onto the Sqweel and a gap between the inner core and the outer core that resembles a wagon wheel. This is good because it allows you to press down and get a bit more give during use than if it were completely solid.

The incredibly matte texture is pretty smooth, although it does have a lot of drag. You'll definitely want to use lube with it. You can use either a water based or silicone based lube. The best way I've found to lube it up is to get it all set up in the Sqweel and then add lube to the opening with the Sqweel on low. Cleaning of just a Sqweeler is pretty easy too. Take it out of the Sqweel, wash it in the sink with warm soapy water, dry, store. While lube being a necessity may be a down side of the super matte finish, the plus side is that it doesn't gather much lint, so you can dry it off with a towel and don't have to wait for it to air dry.
I won't lie, I don't care that much for this particular Sqweeler. It's not that it's a bad design, I just much prefer the one with all the actual tongues to this one. To me, this one felt a bit "extreme." I don't have a really good way to describe it other than that. The larger nubs/studs in the middle weren't that easy to feel, and the outer raised nubs along the edges were just a bit too much for my personal tastes. Even though I've never had any experience with an actual pierced tongue, I feel fairly confident in saying that this doesn't simulate being licked by a pierced tongue. It's not a bad choice if you like firmer materials and more extreme sensations though.
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