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Climax bursts warming reviews

10 reviews
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10 reviews

The warming lube helps keep your skin healthy during play but is messy and does not do as it states.

I definitely have to say that I am startled at how many people hated this lubricant. I have tried so many different lubricants and after so many fails, and this is one of the few that stood up to the test for me and my husband - it passed with flying colors! I am a sensitive girl and I couldn't even feel the beads there. Definitely didn't feel like sand. The warming sensation is amazing, it's great for the skin and lacks harmful ingredients. I love it. New favorite oil-based lubricant!

If I had wanted a skincare item, I would have gone to the local mall and purchased one. I'm not interested in skin-enriching vitamins on my pussy or my husbands dick; just give me some warmth and make me scream from the sensations. Is that so much to ask for?

This is one warming lube that I will never try again. It felt like having sand in my vagina trying to have sex. It ran, did not warm correctly and left a stinging sensation.

This oil-based lube is disappointing. It doesn't work the way the manufacturer's intended. It's incredibly greasy and can cause a burning sensation which feels horrible. I especially hate those little balls which linger even if you clean well. Not a discovery I enjoyed.

Unfortunately, this product was a bust for me. It will work as an OK lube, but if you are looking for something that will warm up and add some extra "rawr" to your sex session, this is not it.

My summary of this product would have to be very very simple. STAY AWAY. This product isn't only disappointing, its painful !

I would not recommend using this as a warming lube. It barely warms and the red beads are annoying and messy. Also the texture and feel of this lube is weird.

Disappointing. I don't find this lube to be warming much at all. While it is a good lube for lubrication purposes, it does very little in the "extras" category, as a warming lube should do.

It didn't get warm, the little beads didn't burst, and it didn't work very well for lube either. I can't recommend this lube, as it didn't do what it was supposed to. Thankfully, it is pretty cheap.

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