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Definitely a Climax Burst!

I definitely have to say that I am startled at how many people hated this lubricant. I have tried so many different lubricants and after so many fails, and this is one of the few that stood up to the test for me and my husband - it passed with flying colors! I am a sensitive girl and I couldn't even feel the beads there. Definitely didn't feel like sand. The warming sensation is amazing, it's great for the skin and lacks harmful ingredients. I love it. New favorite oil-based lubricant!
Warming, Vitamin E beads, Free of harmful ingredients, Unscented, Easy-to-use bottle
Doesn't come in gallon-sized!
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Climax Bursts Warming Lubricant is one of the best warming lubricants I have tried in the last few years. Definitely up there on the top of my list! I was skeptical after reading so many bad reviews, saying that the product hardly had any warming properties, or scratched the vaginal walls - but now I'm starting to think that people may be a little "numb" to warming sensations and a little too sensitive to vitamin E beads because this product works exceptionally well. It's perfect if you want to add some new sensations and get rid of that boring, everyday sex. This stuff will make you want to keep going all night, and it helps restore your skin which can often be damaged from lubricants.

This is an oil-based lubricant that is also free of Parabens, Glycerine, and L-Arginine. This means that it is better for your body, and lacks harmful ingredients that many lubricants have. The oil-based property along with the vitman E enriched beads add moisturization and skin repairing qualities that other lubricants lack completely.

You cannot use this lubricant with condoms, but it is fine with almost all sex toys. Unless, of course, the package says otherwise. It is very rare that a toy cannot be used with an oil-based lubricant.

Climax Bursts Warming Lubricant Ingredients: Propylene glycol, Glyceryl polymethacrylate, PEG-8, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Retinyl palmitate, Agar, Red 30

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The lubricant itself (aside from the small red vitamin E beads) is very thin, but oh, so slippery. Not too slippery, though. Just the perfect amount. It could almost be mistaken for a water-based lubricant for the way it easily absorbs into the skin and leaves no nasty mess behind. Unless you really squirt tons of this stuff on yourself, but there is no need for that. A little bit of this lubricant goes a really long way.

The beads, unlike many of the reviews described, were not any sort of bother. I didn't feel them at all, nor did my husband. They literally "pop" when they touch the skin. I didn't really believe this until I looked closely and watched it as I rubbed this lubricant across my husbands pelvic area during a pelvic massage.

If you pour a quarter sized blob of lubricant onto your skin, 6 beads have been the most that come out. Most of them are "pre-popped" by the time they are out, and once they are popped the kind of dissolve when rubbed between your fingers. The cap sort of catch the beads and seems to pop them for you. There are not enough beads to cause any sort of discomfort, and definitely not enough to feel like sand in your pants or scratch you. They are so tiny that it's got to be impossible.

You can definitely feel how this product moisturizes the skin. It isn't too much moisture, so it doesn't leave you feeling greasy or sticky. There isn't that "Oh crap, I used too much oil" feeling either. This lubricant is literally just right. It is definitely unlike many oil-based lubricants I have used, but I am glad for that. I find many oil-based lubricants to be too much of a hassle to clean up after, and too oily.

This product is great for massage as it is very thin like a water-based lubricant, but has that slight moisturizing touch of a massage oil. My husband enjoyed it during a pelvic massage, and I enjoyed it during a long, sensuous back massage. If this lubricant fails for you as a sex lubricant, you'll definitely want to try it as a massage oil!
    • Perfect
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

This lubricant has somewhat of a silicone smell to it, but only a light one. I found that odd since it doesn't contain silicone. The smells are just similar. But like I said, it is only slightly. Nothing strong that will make anyone want to throw this bottle away.

There is little to no taste. I successfully gave my husband oral sex after using this on his penis and I didn't gag or stick my tongue out in disgust. I could hardly taste it, and that's a definite first as far as oil lubricants go. I've used almost every one on the market and they have all bothered me. That's why I only use most oil-based lubricants twice at the most. This lubricant, on the other hand, is in my room to stay!
    • Light smell
    • No taste


As far as performance during sex - GREAT. We used about a nickel sized amount and massaged it around my inner labia and vaginal opening. Then we used a dime sized amount (if that) on my husband's penis, for ease of entry. We would have been fine without lubing him up because this stuff glides so easily. But either way, it was extremely pleasurable. No scratchy feeling that people have mentioned from the beads. They were not noticeable one bit, and I am not lying. I seriously wondered the entire time how anyone could feel these!

The warming sensation was amazing. Many warming lubricants only warm for about 5 minutes, and then the sensations die out. This lubricant stayed warm for an entire hour of our sex play, and we could still feel it when we were done. It didn't burn, cause irritation, and it definitely wasn't too light to feel. I am so glad that I didn't pay attention to all the bad reviews on this product. I've found my new favorite lubricant!

After sex my husband and I relaxed a bit to watch television. About an hour later it was time to shower, and we realized that the lubricant had absorbed into our skin. We simply felt like we had used a moisturizing lotion. There was no sticky, greasy feeling left over and we rinsed off (for sanitary reasons) and went to bed. No need to stay in the shower scrubbing and rubbing with body wash. This stuff is just convenient in so many ways.


This lubricant does not come in a box, but comes in the bottle itself. The bottle is the length of my hand exactly (about 5 inches long). It has a red cap and the Climax Bursts Logo is in a red tone.

The bottle reads:

"Climax Bursts
Warming Lubricant (In small letters)

Pop the top to heat up your passion
Warming Glycerine-free lubricant with Vitamin E
enriched beads that burst on contact.

Vitamin E enriched beads are great for your skin.

Directions: Apply as desired directly to skin."

Then the ingredients are listed, along with the company's address and website. Other than that there are no other words on the bottle. From afar this looks like a hand soap. Our good friends are living with us temporarily, and we accidentally left this in the bathroom. They tried to use it as hand soap about an hour ago to find that it was lubricant. So although it seems discreet, you'll probably want to hide it for that reason. The fact that the words are vertical and not horizontal makes "Climax" less noticeable.

The bottle is very easy to use and very sturdy. It does not leak which is totally awesome. The top must be unscrewed to peel off the white seal in order to dispense the product. Once the top is replaced, you pull up on the cap and you squeeze it out as you would with your modern-day dish soap bottle. It dispenses easily, and closes tightly. No messes!

Special Features

- Warming

- Paraben-Free

- L-Arginine-Free

- Glycerine-Free

- Oil-Based

- Vitamin E enriched beads that pop when they touch your skin, leaving your skin soft and moisturized

Personal comments

I really want to stress to all those who said this lubricant was a failure - try it as a massage oil. I personally don't see how this lubricant was bad in any way, but at least use it for massages. My husband gave me the best massage of my life with this lubricant! I absolutely loved it! My skin felt soft afterward and I didn't break out in middle-aged acne due to being too greasy. I couldn't ask for more in a lubricant!


Believe me people, I have always been sensitive to textured lubricants of all sorts. Many lubricants have felt too "sandy" to me, as if I needed to take a bath. These beads didn't bother me one bit and they were not noticeable at all. The only reason you know they are there is because of how great your skin feels after the lubricant absorbs.

The warming definitely fit the cut. Many warming lubricants I have used only stay warm for a few minutes, or hardly warm up at all. This stuff felt amazing! As my husband massaged it in, the warmth following his hands across my vulva and labia... It was awesome. My clitoris even became excited a helluva lot sooner than usual which was a great thing for me, since it usually takes so long to get me to orgasm.

The bottle is really convenient. No spills, no leaking. It shuts tight, and opens easily. There's nothing more someone could want in packaging.
Follow-up commentary
I still love this stuff, but the damn cap broke off. It just slid up and broke. I wasn't even using force. It seemed extremely sturdy from the beginning so I'm confused as to why it just broke that way? Anyhow, I can still use it. I just have to squirt it out without the cap and I have to make sure not to let it fall to its side so it does not leak. Totally worth trying. Don't let all the bad reviews discourage you.
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