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Moist silicone lubricant reviews

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This silicone lube is a great choice. It's long-lasting, smooth, and leaves very little residue - although it was so strong that it was a bit hard to clean off. All in all, a great lube if you're looking for silicone!

This is a really great product. It is slick, long lasting, and doesn't leave a terrible residue. Plus, it offers a short ingredients list that is formulated to be easy on sensitive skin. Why did we have to package it like it was made in the 80's? Why does it have to be called just about the cheesiest and most indiscreet thing? It is telling that my only complaints are about the graphic design. Seriously, buy this.

If you're looking for a lube that is slippery and prefer silicone lubes then this is the lube for you. It's easy to dispense where ever needed.

The moist silicone lube isn't a bad lube and I personally can see why people love it. It's hypoallergenic and doesn't carry a smell or a taste. It has a sturdy container so you don't have to worry about spillage. It's perfect for sex, solo, and masturbation play. You can use this in the shower, or on your bed. You don't have to worry about staining your sheets.

This lube has extreme lasting power—a little goes a long way. It comes with a convenient pump bottle and is very body safe. Overall, I am confident that this product is a good purchase for any EF shopper. However, I'm torn on the rating. It is absolutely a five-star product, but although this is a common problem, I'm rating it four stars for the slight bottle problem.

A nice, go-to silicone lubricant that you will continue to use until the last drop, no matter how many of other lubes are in your collection. Like a homemade Slip 'n Slide, Moist silicone lubricant isn't anything special but it sure does one hell of a job.

A no-frills silicone lubricant that is truly made to enhance your intimate and sexual pleasure. Even with a small amount, it will last as long as you need it to, and you can have full confidence in its odorless, tasteless nature and amazing performance. Although it may not be the best for anal use, it is perfect for just about anything else you can throw at it.

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This award winning silicone lubricant is a long lasting body safe product that will leave your skin feeling luxuriously moisturized afterward. Its suitable for use in the shower, bath or any situation where a long lasting waterproof lube is needed.

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