Mood arousal gels - clitoral gel by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Mood arousal gels reviews

10 reviews
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10 reviews

Some women may love how these make them feel even though my man enjoyed them more than i did. I do love the flavor and aroma though and that it is not expensive.

Overall, I like these enhancing gels. The intense is my favorite, and I wish I could buy it separate from the rest of the set. I would recommend it to others who want to try enhancers, as the price is right on them, and all but the warming worked great for me!

If you're a beginner looking to introduce yourself or a partner to arousal gels or just want to add a mild spice to your sex life, these are a good starting place.

The tastes were not too bad but they were not yummy either. The Warm and Tingle were my preferred two out of the three gels. The Intensity was too intense; please read the Experience section of this review for more information on that.

After using this product a few times, I am disappointed with most of its attributes. I hated the flavors, the sensation, the time it takes for the sensation to wear off, and the itch and burn if you don't wash it off right away. Everything I hate about this product is what makes arousal gels work; so I feel that these just fell short of their duties. If you want an arousal gel keep looking, end of story.

Note: This is a quote-style review, based entirely on quotes that were uttered during the planning, use, and subsequent conversation about Doc Johnson's three pack of Mood Arousal Gels. I hope you enjoy it more than we enjoyed these gels. The most important quote: "This is full of yuck."

I loved this product because it heightened my sense of feeling and it was fun to play around with. The Tingling gel was by far my favorite of the three gels, but the Intensify was too intense for my body to handle.

These gels are pretty to look at, smell great and have a really pleasant taste. The pots are very friendly and won't cause too much noticed tucked in with your other cosmetics. For the price they are a really great find!

The Mood Arousal Gel set is a great starter kit for the world spicing up down there. It includes three types, Tingle, Intensify, and Warm, although each one obviously work differently the each work for some period of time. The warming one is quick to fade while the tingling one gives you great feelings for a great amount of time. The intensify gel was not fun and burned me horribly, and would not wash off like the others, it was numb at first then quickly went to searing hot.

If you're like me you're always looking for that special product that helps aid in the arousal process. The Doc Johnson Mood arousal gels provide three unique formulas to help aid the user in this process. The only issue I have is the ingredients aren't the best and the warming gel does not actually warm. The intensify and tingle are the best in the set and didn't disappoint me.

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