JO H2O cool lubricant

Cooling lubricant
by System JO

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JO H2O cool lubricant reviews

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This lube is a great price for the amount and size you get, silicone/toy safe, long-lasting, tingling, and cool sensation you can actually feel.

This is another good water-based lube from JO. It is inexpensive and it gives you a fun break from regular lube with the cooling effect that it will give your tingly parts.

I knocked 2 stars off because this lube has ingredients (Methyl Paraben & Propyl Paraben) that mimic the female hormone (estrogen). I also took off the 3rd star because the 'cooling' feeling doesn't last very long and needs constant re-application to remain slick. If you've nothing better to choose, this lube will do the job, but I'm not a fan of it.

It's a simple design, but don't judge this lube by its package. The lube giants like KY make you think that's all you have to choose from. It's not. There are way better products out there- like JO H2O!

System JO H2O cool lubricant is a cool way to switch things up in the bedroom. It provides a cooling/tingling sensation upon contact. You can use it vaginally, anally or apply it to your nipples. You can cool things down alone or with a partner.

Okay, so I love cold things whether they be lube or ice cubes or chilled metal objects. I also love my System JO H2O, and basically everything else from them I've tried. I figured JO's cooling lube ought to be pretty good. Seems logical, right? Not so much. It's horrible compared to the original, doesn't cool for more than a second, and leaves you running to the bathroom to rinse the disgusting stuff off. Mmm, sexy.

A good all around lubricant, System JO's H2O Cool works well at what it does--cooling. If a little ice is needed to heat up the passion, this is worth a looking at. It's slippery and smooth, and lasts quite a while. The lube really makes those hot nights worth it!

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