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Wow clitoral arousal gel reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

Still may be good for foreplay with a partner or with my new toy, just not the best for solo play with only fingers.

The professed effects of the gel are exaggerated, and I find the marketing to be better than the actual product. That said, it's a perfectly good gel that was fun to use, despite not living up to expectations.

I've tried this product several times and it hasn't given me the "wow" factors so I some what disappointed with the formula.

Though using Wow Max-O Clitoral Arousal Gel heightened sensation and led to a marginally stronger O, it didn't come close to anything I would describe as "max" or "wow." It was not bad. Not great, either, but not bad. I would save your money and purchase something else - like a few lattes or a new set of earrings, both of which will last longer than the effects of WoW Max-O gel.

I really loved this product - in both gentle and max. The gentle version has a pleasurable, light tingling sensation (though not cool) while the Max has a stronger, warming sensation along with the tingle. The warming could be too much for some people - and it's definitely not meant to be used internally, which is very painful. All in all, it's a good product - but if you're sensitive to warming, beware!

This gel is amazing! It works great for him or her, and works great with any other toy or lubricant. It's definitely worth the price for such a small tube!

If you're looking for something to heighten your sensitivity, then this is for you! This product gives you a nice warming sensation without being overpowering like some similar products.

Perfect to add spice to your playtime, WoW max is a fun clitoral simulator. Light, non burning, and stays in place, the WoW Max is a delight to use.

At first, I thought the Max O was the same as the Gentle O, but when I tried it a few more times, I realized it is a big stronger in the sensation it gives. It gives a very warm to hot tingly sensation, compared to the cooling sensation of other products I have tried and prefer. I've also found that it doesn't act much like a lube, so I usually add a few drops after I apply it.

The O-Wow Max Female Arousal Gel is a great product from my experience. The price could be a lot better than what it currently is and they could give you a lot more in each tube. Overall the gel did do what is was designed to do by increasing my arousal and sensations by quite a bit. Some people may not like the warming and tingling sensation it will give you, but I did enjoy this stuff and I am definitely looking forward to using the rest of this tube.

This is one product that EVERYONE should have in their nightstand. I was wet from the first touch and the warming sensation is amazing, I'll definately be getting more of this little guy.

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