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25 reviews

This is cheap and not meant to last, but it gets the job done for starting out. It has steady vibrations, is easy to use, and has an average length of 7 inches (6 inches insertable) and a diameter of 1.125 inches. It's a basic vibe if you're looking for a first toy to try, or just need something cheap and don't care about the quality of the material.

I definitely think this toy is a wonderful addition to my toy collection. For the price tag of just over $10 on clearance, I really didn't expect much from this toy. I was pleasingly surprised to find such a high quality packaged item and the added toy pouch, I myself probably would have paid $6 or $7 for alone. This toy is pretty strong and it is waterproof. For $10 I think all eden shoppers should give it a try, what have you got to lose?

Good for beginners, simple and smooth with multiple strength settings. Comes with small carrying bag to stash away at home or when traveling.

Generally, a good vibe for beginners, but those with more advanced tastes or a need for something quieter should steer clear.

Bgood is a great introduction to vibrators with its traditional shape and easy to use dial control. It is decent in strength ad easy to care for. It's non-intimidating and great for beginners.

This is a fantastic option if you are new to sex toys or want to add a classic wand to your collection. If you already have a wand vibrator you are happy with though, I don't know of a good reason to get this toy too. Overall, I was really happy with it, though, and it has lasted quite a while.

This is a great choice for both a first time user or experienced user. Bgood is easy to use and has strong vibrations that deliver every time.

If you haven't used a vibrator before or don't need a lot of speed or power: full steam ahead! This is perfect for you.

Overall, an amazing vibrator for the price: sleek design, velvet finish and a powerful yet quiet motor. This a must for both pros and beginners alike just because it's an innovative take on the good old classic vibrator. It can't be used for anal play but is perfect for vaginal and clit play. It's Even great to use on breasts, belly… you get my drift.

Overall this toy was worth the $50 I spent. It performed exactly as I expected with its strong vibrations, discreet sound and waterproof design. If you are a first time toy buyer, this vibrator is definitely worth every penny.

A great toy, with a wonderful velvet texture. Whether in the bed or shower, I found it to be very satisfying.

I enjoyed using the BGood Traditional Vibrator. It had an easy-to-work dial on it. You can put it on the speed you want. It's waterproof and has a smooth feel to it.

Well reviewers, I am sure you can guess that I would not recommend this vibrator. If you have a very sensitive clit then this one may be for you. But if you are like myself, and like to have the option to have either really low speeds and then climax with a high speed, then do not order the Bgood or you will Bdissapointed.

The lower level vibrations were not all that pleasing to me, although they were excellent for the glorious clitoris stimulation. I do have to downgrade it to two stars for not being able to use it anally.

I was very happy with my Bgood. I loved that it was waterproof and was happy with the simplicity of controls. It didn't cost a fortune and still looked better than similarly priced toys. It isn't jaw-droppingly awesome, but it gets me where I want to go. It was definitely worth every penny I spent on it.

This is a wonderful beginner vibe for a number of reasons. It's not too big, and it's easy to use, cute and colorful, fairly cheap, and simple to care for. First-timers looking for a go-to toy, look no further.

This is a high end traditional vibrator that would be great for beginners who want something basic but are willing to pay the higher price tag for something a bit nicer. The pull out battery tray allows for easy access will help prevent toys from corroding.

The vibrator is great. I would recommend it 100%. It's worth the price, and well worth the wait for shipping.

This toy was well worth it. Very affordable toy that provides quite a lot of pleasure and fun in a simple package! It's probably one of my favorite sex toys right now, and I'm sure it will be yours as well!

This is definitely a great introductory toy for anyone's collection; it performs well internally or externally, and can be used in the shower. It's multi=speed and is extremely user-friendly. For an experienced toy collector, though, this might not be the most appropriate toy.

A good choice for the novice or veteran toy user, the BGood is quiet, powerful, and sure to delight anyone who tries it.

This toy is a great buy. Stick it in the case in the bottom of your purse for those times when you can be alone during the day. Then have it available for night time fun with the lover!

It really is a nice, basic, vibrator as long as you aren't expecting something more advanced than it is. The vibrations are nice and varied, the power hungry may find it a little lacking, but the sensitive may find the highest intensity a bit strong. The higher price gets you a quality, low maintenance toy.

Bswish's Bgood is about as luxurious as a beginner vibe can get, so if that appeals to you, it'll be a match made in heaven! But for those who want to be a bit more frugal, there are better choices.

My Bgood has a twist style dial base to turn it on and adjust the volume of the vibrations that it so nicely gives off. I love the feel of the Bgood vibrator. It has an almost indescribable texture to it. It feels so smooth, yet velvety at the same time. It makes you want to snuggle up to it at night like a teddy bear.

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