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B Swish

Chic. Hip. B Swish means being these things and more.
Sleek designs and mouth-watering colors that bring pop culture and style to erotic pleasure.

B Swish accessories and toys have different personalities that can satisfy any whim or mood, wether you want to bsoft, bnaughty or anything in-between.

B Swish continues to expand its range of products, leading the way in making adult accessories stylish, unique accessible - and making taboo a thing of the past!

News and announcements

  • Revealing a Softer Side of B Swish...

    The new and improved bsoft clitoral massage toy brings out the softer side with this rounded, massage toy. Designed to the shape of your body, the bsoft will titillate your most sensitive spots.

    Bsoft is available in two colors; Black/Fuchsia and Burgundy/Pink. It is waterproof and provides 7 function speeds to meet all your needs!

    Be pleasantly surprised.

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  • What is B Swish’s mission? Are style and simplicity enough to crack the mainstream market? How does this chic company envision their inroads to the shelves of department stores and neighborhood pharmacies? How do you go from XXX to CVS?
    B Swish was started in 2007, by Claudine’s brother, Carlo Seroussi. The company launched with three toys to start: bgee, bgood and bnaughty. Claudine…
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