Cupid ripples

Traditional vibrator by Shaki Toys

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18 reviews

The only saving grace for this toy is that it performs as a decent clitoral vibrator. It is not glaringly loud and has a few patterns. Every anatomy is different — vaginal penetration with this toy could be pleasurable for you. If you plan on doing some thrusting with this toy, I would suggest some warm-up and lots of lubricant to lessen the scraping sensation.

I don't have many good things to say about the cupid ripples. I wasn't fully able to insert it to use the entire length of this toy, but from my experience it doesn't have enough power for me.

The Cupid Ripples is an excellent toy for beginners. While many advanced users may not find this vibrator to be the most powerful or unique, it is not too intimidating for those users who are new to traditional vibrators. The combination of the ribs and the vibration patterns offer a unique experience for every user and occasion.

all in all its not a bad toy, I like that it is water proof, and does have several fun settings with strong pulsing vibrations. However, I'm glad it was free, I don't think this is something I would have spent money on.

This toy might work well for some, but it was disappointing and painful for me. Ridges are unpleasant and vibes are not powerful.

The bubbles and different functions on this toy are awesome! And would equate a 5 star toy... if it weren't for the lint this thing collects and the pain the ribs cause. Unfortunately these two things are big turn offs for me and makes this toy a 3 star toy.

If you're looking for a toy with moderate texture and enjoy lots of variety in your toys, this is a great toy. The Cupid Ripples is waterproof, making an ordinary bath or shower much more enjoyable!

When Cupid woke up the day they designed the Ripple, someone had already pissed him off! I call mine Cupid's Revenge. The ridged texture makes this a harsher vibrator than usual. If you cannot handle texture or a large girth, you might want to grab a different one. Unless you want to cuss Cupid out because you are extremely sore in very sensitive areas. The packaging claims this is a mini vibrator or personal massager. This is a large sized vibrator, and is in no way whatsoever a mini anything!!

This toy is a great toy for you collection. I would enjoy this toy more if the vibrations were stronger. This toy is elegant and has a nice ripples shape. This toy would work great for beginners and advanced users.

I am a lover of all things textured! I love the sensation, so I thought Cupid Ripple would be right up my va-alley. I meant alley! Instead of an amazing experience, I got weak vibrations, unpleasant penetration, and a frustrating experience.

Overall, I found this toy to be quite nice. If you are looking for a very textured, girthy toy, and you do not care too much about vibration strength, then this is the toy for you. It is well made, but not very strong. It is definitely not a beginner toy, but if you know that you like texture and girth, this would be worth the money.

The Cupid Ripples could be a much better vibrator if it had a softer material. Unfortunately, it is quite abrasive. This is even more unfortunate considering the vibrations are pretty great. Another plus is that the noise level is very low and the toy is waterproof. It's just too much for me.

The Cupid ripples would work great for people who like to experiment or try new things. It has 8 different functions that was fun to try out. I loved the stimulation it provided for my clitoris, but I didn't like inserting it because of the ripples. The ripples did cause some discomfort for me.

I do like my Cupid ripples once I figured out how to properly utilize it to my needs. It is a perfect fit in my sex life. The ripples may be too much for some who do not like a lot of different textures.

While a nice toy in theory, Cupid Ripples fails in execution. Unpleasant ripples and weak vibrations make this a toy I cannot love.

I probably would not order this vibe again, I think the ripples were a huge turn off even though I was really looking forward to them. I would still give it some credit for the different settings though!

The Cupid Ripples vibrator is a versatile toy that would be good for users of any level of experience. With its slowly increasing width, and eight levels of different styles and speeds of vibration, this toy is sure to please any user.

This creative take on the traditional vibrator is made of quality, velvety soft TPR silicone and best suited to someone who prefers multiple functions such as pulsations rather than straight vibrations. Cupid Ripples also has the added bonus of a ribbed texture for enhanced sensation when combined with vaginal penetration.

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