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14 reviews

LOVE these bullets. Soft and easy to use, nice long cords, excellent vibration settings for the picky soloist or partner.

It was an interesting experience and I enjoyed it a lot for the price, but if you are seeking bullets for multiple partners, I suggest simply using two separate bullets. This will certainly do if you need a cheap toy or if you are just messing about, but if you want a better, long lasting toy, then pay its worth.

These bullets are great for just about anywhere. They are inexpensive, powerful, and have a discreet sound. They're the perfect thing for sharing between lovers so you can both be in the same "wavelength". Sometimes you may have to be creative to come up with uses for them, but the possibilities are endless.

I'm incredibly glad I didn't pay for this. I would have been angry if I had! It's not something I would recommend anyone purchase.

Dual Pleasure!

If you are looking for a regular bullet vibrator that happens to have two bullets, the Dual Bullets vibrator will work well for you. While it doesn't have any amazing features, the vibrator works well. It is, however, softer and buzzier with the vibrations, so that's something to keep in mind.

This is a great inexpensive little vibrator that ups the ante on sex play and invites a friend to join in!

This toy didn't work right when it came to me. I still used it, and I got pleasure from it, but I just wished all the features and the controls worked the way they were supposed to.

Overall I am pleased with these as my husband and I have found some pretty creative ways for us both to enjoy them.

If you are looking for a solo toy that can reach more than one place at once, or a fun toy to use with a partner on yourself or each other simultaneously, these Dual Bullets can do the trick. The price is inexpensive, but the power is high. It is easy to use and care for as well. This is a great intro toy, but you don't have to be a beginner to enjoy it!

Too dual or not to dual?

The bullets are quiet, and can produce strong vibrations on the higher speeds. They are travel friendly, and easy to use. They are not your high quality looking toys, and the packaging was really cheap, and looks like an inferior product. These bullets should be a good toy for the beginners to start with. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for" and at 12.99; do not expect it too last a real long time.

I would highly recommend buying these bullets to anyone who wants to try them out, beginners or advanced users. They are very smooth and a lot of fun to use. With the 7 speed vibration control you can't get bored.

Overall, these were a great free gift and would make great stocking stuffers or "first" bullets. Easy to use solo, and quiet enough to walk around in public with (if you're into that). Please use condoms with these during anal play for safety, and do not use in the bath tub or shower. I'm pleased with these as far as a free gift, but I probably wouldn't buy them with my own money.

These bullets allow for creativity, you can use them on multiple parts of your body. Think about what turns you on and use one of the bullets to stimulate you there, and the other in another spot. The vibrations are strong and enjoyable, since there are 7 different settings to choose from.

The Waterproof Dual Bullets is not the best set of vibrating bullets that one can own, but if you are willing to buy something cheap and simple, it is somewhat worth it. The major flaws, such as the cheap package and $1 bin look and feel, is in some ways diminished by just how steady and powerful the vibes and the functions are, but one deserves something much better than this.

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