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Handy massager reviews

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34 reviews

Are you a beginner looking for a cheap toy to introduce you to the world of vibrators? Then get this. It's small, cheap, and packs a powerful punch considering the price. It's not the top of the line, but it's good for just trying out, especially if you don't have the privacy for a bunch of other, more expensive toys. The only real downside is that it only has one speed.

Overall, you'll get what you pay for. It's a cheaper vibe, so it has cheaper material (hard plastic). Depending on the use of this vibe, it may or may not suit your needs. I didn't find it to be too useful in the "sexual" department, but its a pretty good overall muscle/joint massager.

I think this is a good toy especially for beginners. It has different textured adds so you can play around and learn what you like best!

Great vibration, travel friendly and good sensations with optional/additional caps. Definitely not the best massager/vibe on the market, but definitely a great addition for the price.

This is a great deal, but there are better options out there. It is more for those who are new to vibrators, but at least it can be used as a massager as well. If you are looking for a cheap and travel friendly vibe, this is a good option.

This is a nifty little vibrator that could suit anyone's needs. It's great for all over body usage and delivers strong vibrations to your most intimate areas. It's easy to travel with due its size and waterproof to boot!

For $6.99, how could this toy not be worth it? It's inexpensive while still being reliable, sturdy, and fairly powerful. This is a great toy for travel as well.

The intensity of the Mini Massager will make you cum in no time. I recommend this little massager to anyone. Not only will this massager get the job done, but the design is so irresistible. It is perfect for on the go and easy to clean. You will love the Handy Massager pocket rocket!

The most inexpensive pocket rocket I've found. It may be great for some but too much for others. The caps are a PLUS depending on where you use them.

My best reason for suggesting this toy to any woman is simply as a great gateway massager so that she may get to know her preferences better. It has helped me in this same aspect, so if you're unsure what you may or may not like, then please give this a try and then you'll know.

Whether you're a pro or just beginning your toy collection, this is a must have in your portfolio. This little toy will put out some BIG orgasms, not only with solo play but during sex as well. For ear-popping, toe-curling orgasms at a rock bottom price, this toy is a MUST.

Great for beginners or someone who does not need intense stimulation but not recommended for someone who really wants intense direct vibration.

For the price I think that this is a must have for anyone who likes to give or recieve massages or to use for solo play. Has many different uses and is cute to boot.

For the price of $6.99, you can't go wrong. This little one can stimulate your sensitive areas, relax your tired and achy muscles and help alleviate a headache. It may not be a powerhouse for sexual stimulation, but it has other high points.

For $6.99, this is not a bad toy at all. If moderate vibrations are your thing, it should work well for you but if you want something stronger, you should probably look elsewhere.

This is a great budget pocket rocket for those just dipping their toes into the toy realm and who are cautious of dropping too much money on a toy that won't please. Seriously, if you like some strong vibrations, this WILL please, but poor build quality makes this toy not-the-best as a long-term investment. It doesn't play nice with body jewelry, has difficult to clean attachments, and strong tendencies for the plastic to develop cracks and to warp.

The handy massager is quite literally THE perfect beginners pocket rocket. It's decently powerful and quiet, waterproof, and so cute. At only 7$, it's a steal!

I feel this is something anyone would want to own. The Handy Massager is small enough to travel anywhere but definitely gets the job done!

The Handy Massager is a quite cute leopard massager. It work well with beginners as well as toy collectors. The head attachments provide different types of excitement for all kinds of areas.

This toy is great for those who aren't worried about noise level and like a more powerful toy. It can be used for massages on the back, feet, hands, temples, etc. Just make sure you wash between uses!

If you at all enjoy clitoral orgasms from steady, intense vibrations...you NEED the handy massager! Offering a variety of caps for a variation of sensations, so whether you prefer going it alone or with a friend, it works wonders and promises orgasms. It's a toy you won't quickly want to put away.

This pocket rocket style vibrator is such a versatile toy with a cute design. With so many uses, it still gets the job done for every single one of them! As an added bonus this toy is also waterproof. This is such a great toy with a small price tag!

All together its a great starter with its size perfect for outside the bedroom you can take it anywhere you want to have a little fun.

This is my favorite pocket rocket. Small enough to fit in my pocket and can be used in bed or in a wet-n-wild situation. One of my all time favorite toys, it always gets the job done when I need it to.

This is a great vibrator for beginners, it has a long battery life, intensity for the size makes this a steal for the price.

Definitely a handy massager. With four interchangeable caps, it gives you a variety of sensations. Great for beginners and an awesome price.

When I first had this toy, I really liked it. With more time, as my collection grew, it didn't do as much for me. Beginners could really get a kick out of it, but those with more experience should look somewhere else.

It was, and is, a powerful vibe, a staple design, and a wonderful price. It is very innocuous in comparison to other staple toys, and can be great used in concert with a bullet, egg, or dildo or partner.

The Handy Massager is a wonderful addition to your bedroom. It provides strong vibrations and is perfect for giving sensual massages. The massager also can be used for clitoral stimulation and is waterproof for bath play! The price is unbeatable, and it is great for gift giving!

This toy is a GREAT buy! You can't beat this price. It is very powerful and does the job for many different purposes.

It is great because of the speeds, and the many uses. But the extra caps are sharp and hard, and can really hurt you. The control has a lip on it that can scratch, pinch, or pull your hair.

This toy is definitely not for beginners. I find the vibrations to be incredibly strong; so much that I can't get stimulation without being in pain. It's also incredibly loud, there is no way you can use this one without being heard.

Usually you get what you pay for, but the Handy Massager exceeded my expectations. It has a long life, it's unexpectedly powerful for its size, and the caps are an added bonus. It would be a smart addition to anyone's collection, as long as they can handle the intense vibrations and don't mind the loud noise.

The Handy Massager is a “pocket rocket” style mini massager. This one is a leopard print (if you’re into that) and comes with four caps to change the sensations to match your mood. The vibe and the caps are all made from hard plastic. As an added bonus, this toy is also waterproof!

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