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Handy Massager by WHK Gmbh

The Handy Massager is a “pocket rocket” style mini massager. This one is a leopard print (if you’re into that) and comes with four caps to change the sensations to match your mood. The vibe and the caps are all made from hard plastic. As an added bonus, this toy is also waterproof!
Small, fairly discreet, 4 different caps offer good variety
Only one speed, great price
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Let me start by letting you in on a little secret...this is actually my first pocket rocket|Handy massager! Pocket rockets are a classic staple of toy chests the world over, from what I hear. Well I was out of the loop I guess. Having no prior experience with this type of toy, I was a little apprehensive at first. I was concerned that it would be a little awkward to use, or that I wouldn't like it as much as my other discreet vibrating toys|Vibrators (namely my bullet vibes). Thankfully, my fears turned out to be untrue, and I wish I had gotten one sooner.

The packaging was pretty simple, and showed some different ways to use the massager. For headaches, sore muscles, and nipples apparently (the picture was a little confusing as I couldn't tell exactly where the little pencil drawn woman was putting the massager. Nipples just made sense to me). There was also a little diagram of pressure points of the feet. I did not even try that one out, as I know it wouldn't do much for me given the extreme nature of the ticklish tendencies of my feet. I may actually use it for migraines on occasion, but mainly this will be a sexual toy.

I found this toy easy to operate. The turn dial controls are marked by "on," "off," and "open." When in the open position the bottom just pops out allowing you to put the single AA battery in place. I was afraid that this kind of battery compartment would pop open or not be very secure, but my fears were unfounded and the toy performed well. There was a little rubber O-ring that allows the toy to be used in water. I tested this out by letting it sit in a glass of water while turned on for 10 minutes. When I took it out and opened it, I found that a tiny bit of moisture had made it inside. I just took the battery out and let everything set and dry. It didn't damage it at all, and I have used it in the shower a couple times without incident.

The power seems to be pretty good. I really enjoy it as a massager, but as a toy for the clit, I wish it had a couple different settings for power. The power level was a little too intense at first so I placed a blanket between me and it. Once I was more turned on, the intensity felt nice and I was able to orgasm while using this in conjunction with a dildo (sans blanket of course).

The four different caps add something a little different to the sensations, and can be changed pretty easily without them falling off. There is a smooth rounded cap, a cap with flat raised bumps, one with little spikes (they don't poke or hurt unless you really try at it) and the fourth cap has many little spiky nubs that are longer in the center and shorter near the edge. My personal favorites are the smooth cap and the one with long spikes in the center and shorter ones at the edges. The smooth one feels the best to me when used on the clit.

The hard plastic is easy to clean. It is waterproof so you can wash it in the sink with warm water and mild soap. Personally I like to use Before and After toy cleaner|Before and After toy cleaner, but your favorite toy cleaner would probably work really well too. For storage, it is recommended that you take the batteries out first, just to avoid them leaking and ruining the toy.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    I would have guessed that a girl of your experience would have already had a pocket rocket in your collection, but now you do. I find it kind of humorous that companies work so hard to dress up the pocket rocket to make it stand out. This one definitely does stand out. The little spiky nubs that are bigger in the middle and smaller on the outside are pretty good? Is that on the clit or some where else? Are different caps good on different parts of the body? Thanks for another excellent review!
  • Bulma
    That particular cap does work pretty well on the clit, but I think I prefer it for nipple use.  The smooth one works best for clit use since the clit is so freakin' sensitive.  The caps do feel a little different from each other, but the difference isn't huge.  I think it mostly depends on what your preference is, whether you want something smooth, or whether you like the other caps more.
  • Dame Demi
    The leopard print is sooo YOU, Bulma! 

    If you really decide you like pocket rockets enough to take them to the next level, I highly recommend Jenna's Rocket Booster.  It basically adds a hand-held function and intensity control to the rocket.  Congrats on your first experience with one, and glad you liked it!
  • Innocently Masturbating
    I wonder if this would be better or worse than the Mega Mite. When I first saw it, I found it really appealing, even though animal prints usually annoy me with they're overuse.

    I'm glad it was $7 well spent for you. :-)

    It's an awesome price for the accessories it has. Gosh, it's cheaper than the Mega Mite.

    It doesn't state that it's phalates-free. Usually hard plastics are p-free.
  • Bulma
    Dame Demi, thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely check that one out

    Innocently Masturbating, it should be phthalates free.  My understanding is that phthalates are chemicals used to soften pvc, so plastic shouldn't contain them.  The properties should get updated though, and I imagine they will as this is a new item.  And yes, this toy was definitely worth what I would normally pay for a box of condoms
  • Yes- any hard material is phthalates-free, but it should be added to the properties. It's only with softer plastics like TPR, TPE, jelly, cyberskin, etc. (not pure silicone, or other hard materials) that the phthalates question has to be asked.
  • Spiking Glue
    I always wondered what was so special about 'pocket rockets', is it something about their shape? What's up with the little balls? How is it so awesome compared to any other vibrating toy?
  • Bulma
    I think it is preference mostly.  Also there are quite a few that come with different accessories or sleeves that make them pretty versatile.  I found the pocket rocket a lot easier to hold than a bullet due to the vibrations being concentrated in the tip.  I like this for foreplay, but it won't replace my bullets for actual sex.  I think the little metal balls are just there because metal (most hard materials do) transmit vibrations so well.  Price is a big one too, a lot of the pocket rockets are pretty affordable.  This one costs about the same as a box of cheap condoms for example.  The one Dame Demi recommended above looks really awesome, though would be a little bit of an investment.  (it is in my wish list and I can't wait to try it out)
  • Domineight
    So funny when blatant sex toys are sold as massagers. I'm picturing some woman in her cubicle holding a leopard print pocket rocket to her temple massaging away a headache. Glad you found something discreet that works!
  • Bulma
    Ha ha, that is indeed an amusing thought ;)
  • Red Riding Hood
    I've been interested in buying a pocket rocket style vibe, but I don't want to spend a ton of money. I had been browsing this toy for quite sometime and I think you helped me confirmed that this is the one I should get! Thanks for the review!
  • her.royal.redness
    Meow!! Water proof, interchangeable heads and leopard print? I'm in heaven! Thanks for the wonderful review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review! I love this too Smile
  • Ladygaga
    Good job.
  • Hotlink
    nice review.
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Thanks for the review!
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • (k)InkyIvy
    Really great review! Thank you so much!
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