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Harmony's become one of my new best friends. She's slim, sleek, oh, so sexy and she's best used internally (on her highest setting) with an additional clitoral toy for jaw-dropping and toe-curling orgasms. She's easy to clean, discreet, and I'm not gonna lie, her container is so cute I have kept it on my desk at home, and no guests were the wiser.

If you don't mind buzz and you need something strong, the Yin is worth checking out. I was a little disappointed in it - it just wasn't exciting for me. The carrying case is definitely quality, and being waterproof is a major plus.

This toy, made to compliment the Yang, just copied it. Though it wasn't for me, I would still recommend it for a beginner. The Yin and Yang are less about being different toys made to balance each other and more about what color you prefer in a toy. There are only 3 settings, and the only redeeming quality of the toy was the carrying case it came with. Maybe if there were more settings it could have been a better toy.

Overall I love how stylish and modern this vibe looks. It has many great features: multiple functions, travel case, waterproof, etc. (I literally had to delete some of my "pros" for this section because the review program said I had too many!). I would recommend it for someone who travels a lot, likes light vibrations, and appreciates artistic toys.

The Harmony is a powerful little bullet which is easy to clean and comes with a nice case. It's preferable for any type of clitoral stimulation - in fact for this it is amazing! The only unfortunate thing is that it is a bit loud, but if you don't need to particularly worry about that, then it is a great choice!

There's so many things to love about the Yin, but sadly it's just a hair short of where I need it to be power wise. It tried its best and came really close, but just wasn't quite there. For those that don't need as much power as I do, I would recommend this. It's sleek design fits nicely in your hand and the curve means your finger won't be along a flat surface. It's less buzzy than most bullets and it's waterproof. Best of all, it comes with a precious carrying case.

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