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Love Rider wild butterfly reviews

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The wild butterfly has great vibes, but it has a small penis and is not wireless, so it was disappointing to me!

This is totally worth the price, in my opinion! It works wonderfully and I would for sure recommended it to anyone!

Even with taking into consideration that the dimension isn't quite right for me - I love this thing. If it were to be damaged or lost function I would hands down buy another one. Immediately.

The Wild Butterfly is a diamond in a sea of less-than-stellar in its competing market. It may not be large and provide direct clitoral stimulation, but it holds a variety of uses. It's worth a try for many folks.

I was excited for the possibilities this toy could offer. If it had fit me, it would have been ride-able, easy to clean, and the vibrations would be sufficient for orgasm. It's simple to use and easy to clean. However, I suspect this toy won't fit all or even most women. Know your measurements before you buy!

It is all a matter of opinion. Would I recommend the toy for others? Yes, it can make a great ride for the two (or more) of you, and if you like playing with other girls too, it also makes for a interesting experience.

Have you ever wondered what a butterfly with a penis would look like? No...? Well, me either, but here it is anyway! This little butterfly was a pleasant surprise, although it's not without its faults. It's certainly not a toy that will work for everyone, but it worked for me. I'd say that it's definitely worth a try!

I really like this butterfly. I like to wear it around the house and keep the controller in my pocket. It is very quiet and has rumbly vibrations. The antennae do move with the vibrations and help with clitoral stimulation.

Even with its flaws, this one is a winner

While this toy is hard to use in my hand, it's great to use by 'riding it' on a pillow or chair. Between the functions and awesome length for my body, this is something I'm glad to have around. Even though it has some flaws, this toy would be good for men and women alike and has enough power that most people will be content. In total, this toy isn't perfect but it's certainly worth the price.

One Hung Bug!

First of all, ignore the words on the packaging that suggest this toy is "The Complete Strap-on System", because quite frankly, I'm not quite sure how it would fit in a strap-on. Just use it the same way as you would a dual action vibrator and you'll be good to go.

With seven impressive vibration modes, a firm build, and a handy remote control, the design and function of the Love Rider Wild Butterfly is ideal for beginners who want both clitoral stimulation and gentle penetration. For more experienced players, you might find yourself wanting more, both in terms of length and ‘wing’ coverage.

Wild Butterfly

This is a smaller vibrator that not only stimulates internally, but also stimulates the external parts of the vagina as well. The butterfly antennae stimulate the clit, while the wings stimulate the external lips. You can also use this toy anally due to the flared base. It's cute, artistic, and fun to use!

A woman was innocently laying in bed last night when a pink butterfly ravished her! The description was pretty vague, except for the fact that it had a 3", very hard, curved penis that hit her G-spot during the attack. When asked if she resisted, she answered "With vibrations like that butterfly had, there was no resisting!" She has declined to press charges and has taken up a new hobby--butterfly watching.

The Wild Butterfly is a great toy for foreplay. It has a curved tip for g-spot stimulation and a butterfly base that makes rocking on the toy pleasurable and arousing. With 7 vibration and pulsation settings, you'll be sure to find a pattern that works best to turn you on. The toy is also waterproof, so you can enjoy the sensations in the tub.

This is totally worth buying! The price is right for what you get. Everything the butterfly does is just amazing. I would recommend to close friends and even give out as a gift. Love it!

This little butterfly was outstanding for both male and female use and will definitely be getting a top rating from me. It has a LOT of power and a nice amount of functions. It tends to get a bit dusty, but a quick rinse before use fixes that right up.

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