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Minna Ola reviews

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6 reviews

The world's first programmable vibe, Ola. No more settling for the patterns that a stranger chooses, with Ola you can make your own type of vibrations and the patterns. With a lot of memory, this toy is "Simon Says" on steroids.

The Ola is an innovative vibe from Minna Life. What makes this toy so special is that it has a touch interface that uses your squeezes and translates them into vibrations. The Ola gives you complete control over the vibrations and you can create any sort of pattern you desire. There is a huge range of intensity and the possibilities are endless. You can record your custom creations and then loop them back for yourself, or a partner. Finally, vibrations that are as unique as you are!

Getting tired of the same old vibrations? The strength is either too much or too little and the patterns are so predictable, you would almost swear the same motor is in every toy you own. It is time for a Squeeze Play!! Get a grip on your own vibrations with the Minna Ola's sensitive and unique Touchpad Controller. The only patterns Minna Ola will have are the ones set in your imagination...

This toy really has it going on as a G-Spot vibe- it has all the bells and whistles of a luxury vibrator, the vibrations are rumbly and intense, and best of all, it lets you "record" a vibration pattern that it plays on a loop. The Ola made me feel like a high-tech orgasm DJ, and this toy has gone quickly into heavy rotation. Unfortunately, it erases your pattern once you turn it off, but it nevertheless deserves the hype!

I've never cared for patterns, but the touch responsive technology of Minna Ola really wowed me. I was able to adapt this to my body and create something that worked perfectly for me. The great thing is, you'll be able to do the same. The power isn't the strongest in the world, but it's certainly nothing to balk at. The silicone is high quality, it's rechargeable, and it's waterproof. The only thing that bugs me is the seaming of the touchpad and I've decided to forgive it because of how in

Like your vibrations strong? In a specific pattern? Easy to change? With the ability to control the exact vibration strength you desire with the slight press of a finger, the Minna Ola is a new and innovative vibrator that puts pleasure back into your own hands. Featuring innovative controls, rechargeability, and a silky-smooth silicone body, the Minna Ola is turning the vibrator world upside down - in a good way.

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