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The Ultimate In Control

I've never cared for patterns, but the touch responsive technology of Minna Ola really wowed me. I was able to adapt this to my body and create something that worked perfectly for me. The great thing is, you'll be able to do the same. The power isn't the strongest in the world, but it's certainly nothing to balk at. The silicone is high quality, it's rechargeable, and it's waterproof. The only thing that bugs me is the seaming of the touchpad and I've decided to forgive it because of how in
Luxury silicone
Squeeze pad response allows you to create your own patterns and strengths
Seaming on touch pad looks cheap
Might not be strong enough for everyone
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extremely useful review


Minna Ola is the debut vibrator from Minnalife. It's unique design allows the user to customize the patterns to their liking via the touch pad control. Want steady vibration? Want pulses that go slow for a few minutes and then speed up without having to press a button? Done! The Minna Ola records the pattern you input in and plays it back to you on a loop. The possibilities are endless.

The Minna Ola is an internal vaginal vibrator, though it could be used externally on any erogenous zone as well. It should not be used anally as it does not have a flared base. It does bulb out where the controller pad meets the vibrator, so advanced anal users might be able to (carefully!!) use this, though I personally wouldn't recommend using anything not specifically made for anal play in that way.

It's completely customizable vibrations prove to be fun for both solo or partner play. Let your partner control the patterns and vibration strength entirely as they tease or bring you to orgasm. Minna Ola makes for unique foreplay fun.

Material / Texture

Minna Ola is made of silicone, putting it at a 10 on the saftey scale. Ola's silicone has a bit of drag to it, but nothing that can be felt when inserted. My finger doesn't glide across it, but it doesn't hop around either. I would classify this as a velvety silicone with a bit of a powdery feel to it. This silicone is definitely higher end silicone. It's smooth with no texture to it. There is a seam that runs down the body of the vibrator. I cannot personally feel it when inserted, but those that are sensitive to seams may be able to.

There is no taste whatsoever to Minna Ola. There is also no taste.

Beginners and advanced users alike should be pleased with the material. This is a luxury silicone, to be sure. It's not my favorite silicone ever, but it's high up there. I would say it's similar to a Lelo silicone, if not a little softer and more velvety than some Lelo's. If you have a Lelo and are happy with the silicone, this should be a winner as well. If you're new to luxury silicone, you're in for a treat.

Design / Shape / Size

Minna Ola is a medium sized toy (depending on what you're comparing it to), coming in at 8 inches in total length. If you insert only to the charging port, this gives you 3.5 inches insertable. However, since it is waterproof you can technically insert past this point. This brings you up to 5 inches insertable. The product pages says 5.5 inches insertable. There's a measurement difference from what I got and what the product pages says. I'm not the best with the measuring tape, so maybe take mine with a grain of salt. I can be wrong sometimes. At it's widest point, it is 1.25 inches wide. Near the charging port, it is 1 inch wide.

Ola comes just beyond my wrist when held in my hand.

Minna Ola felt like a good size for me. It was neither too big nor too small. My personal preference tends to fall toward smaller vibrators, especially in diameter (usually 1 inch or 1.25 inches). Those that like a lot of girth will likely be left wanting with Minna Ola. In terms of length, Minna Ola should satisfy most users. Those like me that prefer a smaller vibrator can simply insert less and those that want to can utilize the full length. However, as with the diameter, those that prefer very sizable vibrators may not be happy with this one.

Since it's not a huge vibrator, Minna Ola is fairly easy to stow away from prying eyes. It's not particularly discreet and looks very much like a vibrator to me. It has a traditional curve to it and phallic shape.

One thing on the design I do want to complain about is the squeeze pad's lining material. I'm not sure if this should fall under material or design, so I'm putting it here. The squeeze pad connected to the body of the vibrator. Since it's a separate piece, it had to be attached some way and then sealed off because the toy is waterproof. To do this, it looks like they used some type of clear weather stripping. Personally, I think it looks pretty awful and downright cheap. I feel like this should have been a seam like what runs across the silicone, and even then I'm not a huge fan. The weird clear glue look just doesn't scream "luxury toy" to me and, given the price of this, I think it should come looking flawless.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Minna Ola's most unique feature is the control. I'll let Minna tell you first, and then I'll go into it more.

Those are the shorthand instructions you will find attached to the controller of Minna Ola when you open it. The quick start guide, if you will.

There are only two buttons on Minna Ola and one gigantic touch pad. The small button located at the bottom is the on button. When you turn it on, it will pulse three times so you know it's on and then it will do a whole lot of nothing. That's right, nothing. There is no preset anything on Minna Ola. You have to create it all. To begin creating, hold down the large touch pad. The more pressure you apply to the touch pad, the stronger the vibrations will get. Pretty simple.

The touch pad (well, squeeze pad) is very soft and responds well. I originally was just going to use it without recording anything. I found that although the squeeze pad did respond well and was easy to press, it became uncomfortable to hold it down for extended periods and did end up recording things. If your goal is to have constantly changing vibrations, bare in mind that it will require you to have your fingers squeezing the pad at some level of pressure the whole time.

When you find a vibration strength or pattern you like, you can tell Minna Ola to record it. This is the big upper button. It's called the "loop" button. Press it once to begin recording. Squeeze the pad to create the pattern or vibration level you desire. Simply stop when you're done and the Minna Ola will somehow figure it out and play it back to you. If you like it, you can press the loop button again during playback. This will stop the squeeze pad from responding so you can't accidentally throw the pattern off.

The only bad thing I can say about Minna Ola's controls is that I cannot figure out a way to lock the pattern until next use. It doesn't say anything about it in the manual and every time I turn it off and back on, it loses my last pattern even if I locked it in. Meaning, if you find the ideal pattern one day that gets you off just right and you think you may never be able to make it again - you better take out a notepad and write down the pulses because you'll lose them when you turn Minna Ola off.

Other than that little hiccup, I think the controls are unique and pretty groundbreaking. I'm not a fan of patterns, personally. This is partially because I don't like my vibrator deciding when to pulse which way. My rebel spirit just doesn't like being told what to do. With Minna Ola, I get to tell it what to do. Fast then slow? Slow for a few minutes and then fast? Constant vibrations and then some pulses and then some milder vibrations? I can do it all. It's really pretty darn impressive, if you ask me.

I liked that the buttons were located in a spot that I could easily press them during use without having to remove Ola from my body to do so. It would really defeat the purpose if I had to create the patterns externally. Luckily, that's not the case. I also never accidentally pressed a button when using this.

To turn it off, hold the on button down for thee seconds. The instruction manual does not mention nor can I find a way to lock the controls to keep it from turning on.

Vibration wise, Minna Ola packs a pretty solid kick. It's not the strongest vibrator I own, but it's enough to get me where I need to be. I would say it comes in at a high level four if I press the squeeze pad all the way down. If I just barely touch it, I can get it to a low, almost off rumble. This means you can range your vibrations all the way from one to four vrooms. That's a pretty wide range. Normally if you get on a high end, the low end is still pretty high. If you get a good low end, the high range is non-existant. Minna Ola provides a great range for everyone except those who need full on power and nothing less. I personally prefer five vroom power, but can be content with four.

The vibrations fall in the middle of rumbly and buzzy, with a bit of a lean toward the rumbly side. If you're annoyed by buzzy vibrators, this shouldn't set you off. If you need very deep, rumbly vibrations then this might not quite be enough. The vibrations are deeper than many, but not the deepest I have come across. At the highest setting, there is a bit of a buzz to them and they become a bit more shallow.

The vibrations are strongest at the lower half of the shaft and tip, but radiate up to the second half of the shaft as well. I could not feel them at all in my hands during use, but there is a nice, plushy squeeze pad protecting you from vibrations.

Minna Ola is a little louder than my cell phone on vibrate. I wouldn't say it's the quietest thing ever, but it's certainly not loud by any stretch of the means. I can hear it through covers, but not through a closed door.

This is supposed to be a G spot vibrator. If you look at the design of the product page and don't have the product in your hand, it might look like a good one. Take a look at the pictures I posted again. See that big curve? That's not the part that's inserted. That's the controller. The little curve on the shaft is the supposed G spot curve. I couldn't even get pressure on my G spot from this, let alone a G spot orgasm. Now, my G spot is hard to hit and generally a pain. If yours is really sensitive, this curve might be enough. That's going to depend a lot on personal anatomy and I can only speak for mine. It's not as curved as most G spot toys though, so it's not quite what I would call an ideal G-spotter.

Ola is rechargeable. The charging port is located a little below the squeeze pad on the shaft. It took mine about two and a half or three hours to get a full charge. I've had mine about two weeks now and it has not died yet. It is a magnetic charger, not an insertable one. The magnets will snap into place when held together. The power light will pulse when charging and both lights will pulse when it is fully charged. I find that a bit confusing, but whatever.

Minna Ola is waterproof. I had no issues with this on a submersion test. It has held up through multiple washings as well.

Care and Maintenance

Since Ola is waterproof, cleanup is a breeze. Simply wash off with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. I use my toy spray, which is also an option.

Water based lubes should be used with Minna Ola. Silicone lubes could potentially destroy the material and thus should not be used with this vibrator.

Minnalife includes a pouch along with the vibrator for storage. If you decide not to use this, just be sure to store this away from other silicone toys. Silicone next to silicone, as with the lube, is never a good idea as it could destroy the material.


I love nice packaging. It's one of my favorite things in life, not just for sex toys but for anything I buy. Minna Ola's packaging is as unique as the vibrator itself. It comes in a cylinder instead of a traditional box shape. It's white and pink with a picture of the Ola on the front and the word "Ola" in a circle. The back has lots of information about the vibrator and how it works.

When opened, the Minna Ola is presented inside almost like a flower in a vase. It looks like some type of modern art design. I got so excited when I opened it and saw the presentation of the Ola.

Underneath the flower-like Minna Ola, you will find a circular instruction manual and a sticker. I'm not sure why they give you a sticker. I guess if Lelo gives you a brooch, Minnalife figures they'll include a sticker. I'll never understand these little add ons, but I suppose they're nice. The exclamation point is the sticker, by the way.

While the packaging is not discreet, I'm in love with it. I refuse to throw it away even though I'm not using it for storage because I'm sure I'll find some use for it. Rather, I'll force myself to because I like it that much. It's unique and very art deco. It would make a great gift, so long as your giving the gift away from a lot of prying eyes.

Minna Ola also comes with a pretty grey pouch for storage. I love the color of the pouch. What I don't like is that the inside isn't sewn in. When you take Ola out, the inside comes along with it. Other than that, it's a nice pouch.

Personal comments

Although the price is high, I would recommend this to beginners and advanced users. If you like patterns, you really have to have this. If you feel meh about patterns, I still think this is worth a shot, although maybe not as urgent of a need as it would be for someone who likes them. You'll never seem me use a preset pattern, but I ended up really loving my Ola. That doesn't mean it will work for everyone who doesn't like patterns though, which is why I wouldn't tell those who don't like them to drop everything and buy this. The fact that you can make it respond to your own body is light years ahead of a preset pattern and should please even those that find the variations of 1-2-1-2 boring at best.


I've never been a big fan of patterns. I'm not ever sure why I bought this other than that it was new and seemed too cool not to have in my collection. When it arrived and I showed my husband what it did, the first words out of his mouth were "you don't even like patterns." Of course, then I had to justify spending all this money on something that didn't even fit my preferences. Honestly? It looked awesome and innovative and even if I never used it I wanted to have it. I know, I'm dumb sometimes.

So, as a person who doesn't like patterns, guess what the first thing I recorded with my Ola was? That's right, the high setting. After I used it like this for a while, I realized I had just spent a ton of money on something unique and wasn't taking advantage of any of the actual uniqueness of it. So, I undid my "high" loop and started playing around. (I would like to mention the "high" loop felt good, just in case you want to use it for that purpose.)

Here's what I found. While with regular pulses or patterns, I was stuck with whatever they were preset at, with Minna Ola I was free to explore what patterns I might actually like. I found pressing and squeezing different ways to be fun and exciting. Fun and exciting won't get you off, but it is nice to add that into a session every now and again. What felt the best was timing the pulses to my rotations or thrusts. Now, I don't play around with different settings of strength because I like everything full power. That means everything I did basically was some type of pulse in one way or another or pattern of pulses. Mine were longer, drawn out pulses than what is offered as a preset because I tend to thrust at a moderate level or rotate pretty slowly and combine that with my clit vibes. That's just what works best for me. I'd never found a pulse that matched up right with the way I move. With Minna Ola, I matched it up.

Since I easily become frustrated with ill-timed pulses, I'd never actually been able to use one for very long before. They would get on my nerves because they would move against my motions and be counterintuitive. Since I was able to use Minna Ola for a longer period once I looped my pattern, I finally started to understand some of what it was that people liked about patterns. There's no way to forget it's there if the vibration levels go up and down in a beat. Even though I knew when they would beat based on where I was in thrust or rotation, it still kept me on my toes. I never became desensitized to the vibrations. Pretty cool, especially since I had mine beat at the highest vibration strength.

Minna Ola is said to be a G spot toy. I can't personally get pressure on my G spot with the negligible curve that's offered here. I need a very serious, hook like curve to hit my G spot. I don't go into most G spot toys thinking they'll actually hit my G spot, so I won't fault Minna Ola for this anymore than I would any other toy. I just have a difficult G spot.

All in all, I like this way more than I expected to. I'm not sure if it will end up in the back of the toy chest over time once the novelty of it all wears off, but for the time being I'm certainly reaching for it fairly often. I'm impressed with the strength, although not taken aback by it. I'm amazed that I didn't just record "high" the entire time. I'm even more amazed that I was able to orgasm from a pattern (although it was assisted with external stimulation).

I debated giving this four or five stars. The weather striping/glue that holds the touch pad on really works my nerves in a very serious way given how much money I spent on this. Maybe that was the only way they could do it, but I still say it looks cheap. I also rarely rate something five stars that doesn't have power that blows me out the water. However, I think in this case I might make the exception on both counts. Why? Because any vibrator that is this cool AND gets me to like a pattern deserves the gold star of approval from me.
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