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One-touch magic bullet One-touch magic bullet

Bullet by WHK GmbH

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One-touch magic bullet reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

I don't feel that it was worth the $9.99 it was very disappointing other than it being waterproof. Maybe beginners would like this more than advanced users.

I really can't think of anyone who would find this an ideal toy for their situation. There are toys for the same price that are cheaper, have more settings, and are less loud. Because of the size I couldn't even tuck this into my panties and sit on it, a surefire way for me to make a lame toy work for me. While it's not horrific, I would not recommend it.

A sure winner in my book. This is a wonderful little bullet for the price. It provides strong vibrations that you can feel, though your hand may not like it after a little bit. It's the perfect travel friendly bullet.

Overall, I believe that this item is worth purchasing. It's small enough to carry with you. It has different variations in speed and it is waterproof. It is worth the buy.

A great toy for a beginner. It's small and easy to learn and figure out. It's great for use with a partner, as it's very non-intimidating. It isn't very versatile because of its size, but it's waterproof, so users can get creative with it in the shower,tub, or hot tub! It isn't too amazing in terms of battery-life, and I found it got a little dull after prolonged use, but at $10, you can't beat it for the price!

This is very affordable and well worth the money for this powerful little vibrator. It would be more exciting for someone who has never used a vibrator before.

Yes, it's loud, but it's so small and inexpensive that in my opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons. Cheap bullets are especially great for beginners who want to experiment with toys but aren't sure if vibration is right for them. It only has one speed though, which some might find limiting. Overall, I really like this product, and would recommend it to beginners, or those who just want to add something small and inexpensive (though loud) for public use to their collection.

The one-touch Magic-Bullet is an amazing over all product. It is simple to use, travel friendly, waterproof and multifunctional. Although it may be disappointing that the vibrator only has one speed, it still provides a great feeling vibration. This product is entirely worth the buy. It may not be exciting alone, but if you add a few other products together, you can make a great weekend getaway kit.

This rather velvety magical bullet is great for the first timers ready to spice up the bedroom. The one speed is easy to turn on and off, and is great clitoral stimulation and fun. It's hypo-allergenic and powerful along with waterproof. But it's just a little loud for the size of it.

The one touch magic bullet is not the best of the bunch. It is a fun toy for a beginner. It is not worth the money. It is a poor vibrator. That is annoyingly loud. With one setting.

This toy simply wasn't all that exciting for me. However, I will not say that others will not enjoy it. I would suggest giving this toy at least a try because of its price. If you do not enjoy it, you don't spend a lot of money on something that is just going to sit in your toy collection. More sensitive users may find it a lot more appealing than I did.

Despite the noise this little guy makes, the vibrations are only of a moderate intensity. It is larger circumference than most other bullets and the coating adds a wonderful texture.

Overall, I should have saved my money for something... more. For a first-time vibrator, it was nice. However, I don't see myself using it ever again. So, it was kind of a waste of money.

I think for the price the One-Touch Magic Bullet is great, it provides the needed vibrations with out the cost of bulk of other vibrators.

The Magic Bullet is a large bullet meant for clitoral stimulation. It can also be used vaginally, although it doesn’t have a cord for easy removal. This bullet only has one speed and has moderate vibrations that you’ll enjoy if you don’t need crazy power on your clit or want to take a long time to get off. It’s very loud, so be prepared to have some background cover.

If you're looking for something different to add to your toy collection, or looking to start one, this is definitely a versatile piece to add. It works with other additions, and is really easy to hide. However, if you like really strong strong vibrations, this is not the toy for you. Nor is it if you're looking to use it exclusively since it tends to eat batteries. I was pleased with what I intended on using it for-a cock ring.

I honestly think that even though this vibrator was pretty darn cheap... you should just spend the extra money and invest in a vibrator that will satisfy you and that won't let everyone else in the neighborhood know when you're having some "alone time."

The One-touch Magic bullet is a cute addition to any bedroom! It's thicker than other, similar bullets to provide more sensation while the velvety finish adds a wonderful texture. It's even waterproof so that it can join you in the shower, bath, hot tub, pool or wherever else you can think of! Just be advised that it's loud! That's really its only downfall though.

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