Pocket exotic glow egg - classic bullet by Cal Exotics - reviews

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Pocket exotic glow egg reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

I always go back to this toy and it always gets the job done. It might not be waterproof but it is worth it when you need a quick or long pick me up and do not want to strip all the way down. The ease of use and ability to place it right where you need it is fantastic. I also love that it can be used on me by my partner and that my partner even likes it. He did say to be easy because it can be very intense depending on where it is used.

I did not care for this product, but the product I received may have been one in a million that may have had problems. This would be good for new vibrating toy users. Will let you ease into using vibrations to get that Ohh feeling you desire.

This toy delivers in pleasure and affordability. It is a great beginners toy for singles or couples alike. It also can be used in conjunction with other toys for maximum pleasure. This egg connects to the remote with a wire; you have to be careful the wire doesn't fray or become exposed.

This egg is a "sure thing" - great for beginners - and lasts a LONG time - powerful but can be dialed down - this one has never let me down! Definitely pick one up!

This Exotic Glow Egg is honestly not very exotic. Besides the glow-in-the-dark feature, it is a standard egg vibrator. That being said, if you don't already have an egg vibrator in your toy box, this is a solid, affordable candidate.

This is a nice little toy for starting your play. It works well because it's quiet and powerful. The glow in the dark feature also makes this a nice novelty toy for your collection.

This glow in the dark egg makes a great addition to any beginners sex toy supply, but is powerful enough to satisfy more advanced users as well. It glows in the dark and is easy to use. It is easy on the batteries and easy to store or travel with it. A great product that can be used alone or as a couples toy.

Remember Easter egg hunts where you got candy an occasionally a dollar or two? Now, imagine instead getting powerful vibrations in a small and easy-to-operate design. That's pretty much the exotic glow egg. It's a handy and impressive toy, especially for its size.

I love this toy, the range of vibrations is amazing and there is a setting for everyone. The shape and size are perfect for handling, and the glow in the dark makes it easy to find even in the wee hours of the morning or super late at night. A must have for anyone looking for an easy, amazing orgasm.

It did fabulous at getting the job done! I really recommend this toy to anyone who enjoys vibrators, it's the best!

The pkt exotic glow egg is good for short term use, but in the future it would be better to purchase a more expensive bullet or egg.

Probably the one best eggs for the price. It's cheap, powerful, and easy to use. What's not to love? Aside from the noise of course.

Pocket Exotic Glow Egg is a nifty little egg to add to your collection. If you like varied, buzzy vibrations then this is the toy for you. It fits nicely in your panties for clitoral stimulation throughout the day, and is amazingly strong for its size. I just wish it was waterproof. It gets four stars for its power and price!

All in all, the Pkt Exotic Glow Egg is an amazing toy and should be in everyone's toybox. The strength of the vibration and price make this nearly indespensable as a toy.

This toy makes for a great warm-up, during intercourse on either the clit, anal, or inside the vagina, and the glow-in-the-dark feature makes it fun. I definitely recommend this toy!!

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