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Pleasure ball reviews

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20 reviews

If you’re looking for a discreet vibrator, you can’t do much better look-wise than Doc Johnson's Pleasure Ball. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it quite so impressive as a vibrator.

I really like this toy. It's different than the usually pin-pointed vibes out there. Although you can't get that pin-pointed vibration that some like, you can apply firm pressure, which may not get you there immediately, but will be so rewarding once you "arrive".

This is actually a really fun toy, it's just not really usable for sexual stimulation. But, you can use this on all of your tired body parts and for massages that can be part of your foreplay and then it leads to something.......

For the ultimate in discreet vibrators you can't beat the Pleasure Ball by Doc Johnson. You could leave this baby sitting out and no one would be the wiser. It is a great little massager, especially for the back of the neck and bottoms of the feet. It doesn't provide pin-point vibrations and won't please the clits-o-steel but it is cute and pleasurable for all that!

Overall I wasn't a fan of the pleasure ball. TOO BIG, NOISE, and HARD TO CLOSE. If you have the patience to sit there and try to close it. This toy would be all right.

The pleasure ball is a uniquely designed discreet vibrator that is good for full body massage and for erotic massages. It is made of plastic and TPR, so it is semi porous. It is available in two odd color combinations, but it is overall an interesting toy to play with. There are 3 vibration settings that do get lost in the toy and don't allow pin pointed stimulation, but they are great for full labia stimulation, that you might be surprised about.

The pleasure ball is a great toy for a beginner or a seasoned sex fanatic. The vibrations can cause almost immediate orgasm and is a great couples toy.

I would have to say that if you are looking for a clitoral stimulator to look elsewhere for something that will be easier to handle (grip) and something a little less bulky. If you are looking for a massaging aid, then this toy may be worth your mollah. This is going to depend on your intentions with the toy and if you are able to achieve any sort of "back up plan" in the event that it doesn't work for you for one specific use. If you can get creative, you can definitely use this!

Skip this Pleasure Ball and choose something more worth the money! Definitely doesn't deliver like I was hoping it would, but does make a great foot massager!

It is hard to justify the $30 price tag on this toy, since it is so awkward in size and limited in use. It might be okay if you're just looking for something to roll over your body, but I would recommend finding a better quality massage toy for that.

Overall, I'm glad that I got this free with my purchase. I feel if I would have paid for it, it would have been a waste of money. It is a bit louder than other toys I have that do the same thing. At least we can use it to massage each other.

This ball is not worth it as a sex toy. I am giving it a two star rating because it has other potential uses, like as a body massager, but the shape and size is awkward and cumbersome. It cannot get anywhere near close enough to stimulate the clitoris and that is a shame.

All in all, it's not something I'd buy again, but it's a good addition to my toy box. It's easy to clean, good with water, and doesn't scream 'sex toy!'. For a lot of people, it's probably not the main event, but it's a fun way to warm up, for sure, though the noise is a big negative.

This may be best for a beginner or an inexperienced user, but most advanced users won't have fun with this and could find a better toy for the same price or cheaper.

The idea was good, but the overall toy use was not that great. With the ball being too large you can't use it during intercourse, and with no pin point stimulation it can make orgasm hard to achieve.

Not really something I'd need to buy or use so I could be totally wrong about how bad/great this product is, but I do know my own body, and I need something tapered to place directly on my clit to be able to get off.

Not an orgasmic toy for me, uncomfortable and awkward for vaginal or clitoral stimulation, but fun for massaging yourself or for couple play.

Though I was unable to orgasm using just the pleasure ball, when used in conjunction with another, more pinpoint vibe such as a bullet, it makes clitoral orgasms much more satisfying.

A fun, multi-functional toy for solo or couples, which I would definitely recommend.

This toy is, as it advertises, an orgasm in the round. It's great. It is easy to use, has many uses, and is just a fun time.

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