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Rabbit habit Rabbit habit

Rabbit vibrator by Vibratex

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Rabbit habit reviews

28 reviews
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28 reviews

All the above said, I still use it daily for clitoral stimulation and as a foreplay toy with my partner.

I love this toy because it is something that separates itself from normal vibrators. Its multi-task functions go well together, causing me to have sensations that I haven't ever felt from a human.

This rabbit will definitely become a habit! It is a wonderful toy, fulfilling my all of my needs. It will certainly fulfill yours again, again, and again!

This vibrator will have you shaking after each use; it is just that good. I have found there to be no problems with this vibrator, and it's one of the easiest to use around.

Although it can be a bit loud, the power, ease of use, and multiple functions far outweigh the noise. If you're really concerned about a roommate and you don't share a room, music should be more than sufficient to cover the noise.

This is definitely one of the best Rabbits out there. It is even better then the more expensive vibrators out there on the market. I would buy this again and again and again!

My husband works out of town a lot so when he is not here, this is definitely my go to toy! It has never let me down! Ultimate satisfaction and you control how long it lasts! Love it.

When you're looking to add a rabbit to your collection, this one provides all the fun and sensations of the more costly ones available on the market, with a more affordable price tag. With a design that will land on your target spot every time, you will want to spend countless hours rotating and vibrating. Perfectly designed for every woman's shape and size.

This toy was not that exciting. The vibrator worked wonders but the rotating shaft and beads did nothing. If you're looking for the perfect clitoral vibrator, no doubt it's attached to this toy, in shape at least. If you're a beginner and aren't sure what stimulates you (clitoral or internal stimulation), then the ease of use and the 2 different stimulators would be an ideal way to figure it all out. Otherwise, this toy leaves much to be desired.

Good toy, but not quite as good as the hype has led people to believe. Get yourself something with a little bit better design.

All around great bedroom toy. Not made for travel or water, but don't let that persuade you otherwise. This will make a great addition to your bedroom, and dollar for dollar this toy is great. We look forward to using it every chance we get.

This toy just isn't worth the cost. There are better toys on the market right now and I was incredibly disappointed in this toy.

The Rabbit Habit is the best name for this product. This is one of my most favorite products ever and it's definitely a habit. It's ADDICTING. I surely have an addiction to this product. Just thinking about it makes me get all hot and bothered. I want to pull it out and use it IMMEDIATELY which is what I am going to do now. 5 STARS AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Almost everyone has heard of rabbit style vibrators, and this one lives up to the hype! I can only hope that humans eventually evolve to the point that men are born with a vibrating bunny above their penis.

Overall, the toy was about what I expected for a mid-grade vibrator. Power wise, it was all I'd ever need. The construction/material selection of the toy was lacking, and security/stability of wiring was less than desirable (seeing as the wires worked themselves out of the base in about a year's time).

A truly innovative toy, the Rabbit Habit was the first dual stimulator of its kind and forever changed the world of sex toys. This power tool of a vibrator has become so ubiquitous that it has found its way almost everywhere: television, songs, the mall, heck, maybe even your grandma's closet. Nowadays there are plenty of other toys that do what the Rabbit does, and maybe do it better. But this toy was a trailblazer and for me, there's still no other.

When Sex and the City's Park Avenue princess Charlotte tried the Rabbit, she was instantly hooked and almost swore off men for life. Considering the fact that the Rabbit Habit stimulates you three different ways and is incredibly powerful, it's easy to see why. Yet there are some minor faults with this particular vibe that may give some buyers a pause.

The Rabbit is worth the investment. There are a lot of knock offs out there but "the Rabbit Habit" is simply the best

This is a vibrator which is really a worthwhile investment. It has a great vibrations and movement to get the job done, and have a fun time doing it.

I bought this to get my wife into masturbation. It has however, turned out to be a fantastic tool for solo or partner fun. It;s a great toy for the inexperienced, or 'old pro'. One of the best out there for the price.

L-O-V-E this toy! Dual stimulation leaves me soft in the knees in no time. Materials could be better, though function quite well. Top of my "Time-with-the-hubby" list.

This is worth it for solo play, but perhaps distracting with the partner. It's an intense feeling, but I can see where he gets frustrated with the extra mechanical efforts.

Loved it until it broke, but am still able to use the vibrator portion. The best part of the product is that there are separate controls, so you can use the rotating dildo with the vibe or separately!

If you are looking for a dual action vibe, you might want to look around for a higher quality one than the Rabbit Habit since the quality isn't the best and it will break pretty quickly with high usage. However, if you are just wanting to try it out for the experience or just wanting to slowly enter the world of dual action vibes, you really can't go wrong with this guy unless you plan on using it obsessively like Charlotte did!

My first dual-action vibe. I have since gone back to single action toys with a specific purpose. In this case two heads are not better than one.

The Rabbit Habit is not the best rabbit or toy on the market and there are many similar products which are stronger, more effective and of higher quality but, for a first timer, the Rabbit Habit may do the trick.

It is a great toy and is something that will not sit in a drawer and not get any use out of.

They say nothing can top the real thing; well I think whoever said that didn't have one of these! The Rabbit Habit is most definitely a toy worth investing in because it will have you coming back for more.

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