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Rabbit habit

Rabbit vibrator by Vibratex

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A truly innovative toy, the Rabbit Habit was the first dual stimulator of its kind and forever changed the world of sex toys. This power tool of a vibrator has become so ubiquitous that it has found its way almost everywhere: television, songs, the mall, heck, maybe even your grandma's closet. Nowadays there are plenty of other toys that do what the Rabbit does, and maybe do it better. But this toy was a trailblazer and for me, there's still no other.
Lots of power, multi-speed, dual stimulation, separate controls for each stimulator.
Porous, can be difficult to clean, VERY loud, clitoral attachment will not suit all bodies.
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This vibrator is best for female bodies/female assigned at birth bodies for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. While in theory this vibrator could be used anally and the rabbit attachment could stimulate the perineum OR the rabbit could be inserted vaginally and turned to have the rabbit stimulate the anus, I would NOT recommend either of these uses. This toy is made from jelly, a porous material, so on the contrary I would strongly advise against using the Rabbit anally even with a condom. It is far too easy for a condom to slip off of such a thin probe and permanently muck up your toy.

With two motors and two easy to manipulate controls corresponding to each, this slightly complicated looking vibe is very easy to use. For this reason I would say the Rabbit makes for a lovely first vibrator, although it's got enough options to keep even the more jaded sex toy users happy. The best use for this that I have found is squatting (with my weight on the toes of my feet) over it and holding the rabbit attachment carefully in place against my clitoris while the shaft stimulates my G-spot. However, it works pretty well in a wide variety of positions where it is possible to separate the legs at a wide angle.
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Material / Texture

The jelly material has been, in my experience, one of the ickier aspects of this toy. While some have found their Rabbits to be relatively low on scent given the typical stink of jelly, mine had a fairly strong (although not overwhelming) plastic-y smell with an unsettling note of sweetness mixed in. I can't say I have ever tried licking this toy, but I would be willing to bet its taste wasn't too far off from its odor. In terms of the material in action, it didn't much at to or detract from my experience. The slickness didn't provide much of that yummy friction that some other materials can offer, but I think the toy compensates for this lack of texture through the pearls and its bulky tip.

I also noticed my toy had a slightly oily texture that faded with time, but never completely went away. The slight slimy feel of this vibe is more than just a tactile bummer, but actually somewhat of a maintenance and care issue. Similar to silicone, this jelly toy picks up a ton of lint, dust, hair, etc. However, unlike silicone, this toy's cleaning can be a lot more difficult to do thoroughly. I'll discuss this more in detail down below in the "Care" section.

Design / Shape / Size

For me, the Rabbit Habit is a break through for exactly the reasons hinted at, if not explicitly stated, in the infamous Sex in the City scene. (Side note: I hope you will all forgive me for being the billionth person to call up this scene when reviewing this toy; as a New Yorker I can tell you that there is not a single more unrealistic and ridiculous representation of New York in television history and I truly do LOATHE this show.) It's unintimidating, cutesy and VERY effective. The original dual stimulator really hits a home run on most accounts in its design.

This nine inch toy is comprised of only five inches of shaft, and the shaft itself is divided in half by a bulging ring of pearls that gyrate and wiggle when the shaft motor is turn on. The three top most inches of the phallus also begin to revolve in wide (but hardly uncomfortable) circles. At its widest point this cock still clocks in at under 2" (a little more than 1.5") so it's a pretty substantial fella. While enjoying some beefy penetrative action, you can simultaneously adjust the second motor in the rabbit-shaped clitoral attachment to provide strong, although somewhat surface, vibrations to your bits. The long ears of the "rabbit" are splayed at a wide angle to cradle the clitoris, and the vibrations are transmitted incredibly effectively though the thin, jelly protrusion.

In my experience, however, this toy's design wasn't quite perfect --at least not for my body. My biggest issue was with the rabbit attachment; I couldn't find a way to keep the rabbit ears snug around my junk even when I held it against my body. The attachment was entirely too long and when I tried to arrange the ears alongside my clit (which is set rather too low for this toy) I found that the rabbit pushed uncomfortably upward. The ears also tend to move around far too much due to the vibrations and I ended up just snipping them off with a pair of scissors so that they wouldn't poke at me. This part of the vibrator seems to be the most troublesome to many people and most of the complaints I have heard about the Rabbit Habbit have been with this aspect. That shaft is much more successful, featuring yummy, gyrating beads to stimulate your inner labia or vaginal walls (depending on how deeply you require insertion).

The only thing that I found a little problematic with the shaft was that I couldn't insert it very deeply without pulverizing my clit. The rabbit was already pushing uncomfortably against it to begin with, so inserting the business end too far was rather uncomfortable. This won't be a problem for everyone, but if you're like me and your clitoris rests rather low and close to your vagina, you may want to consider if the potential benefits (there ARE many) of this toy outweigh the potential pains-in-the-clit.

Functions / Performance / Controls

As mentioned earlier, there are two motors in this vibrator: one to control each function. The motor for the clitoral attachment is located right within the body of the rabbit, providing VERY strong vibrations. On the highest setting my clitoris couldn't handle the intensity, but at mid-level I found them very,very, very pleasant. The motor for the shaft is located in its base, with a rotating rod extending from the motor through the rest of the toy. From an aesthetic stand-point I appreciated the design and placement of the motors; they're all white and fit nicely with the color scheme of the rest of the toy. I also dislike vibrators that have a lot of visible parts; while the mechanics of vibrators interest me, seeing wheels a-turnin' during my playtime has a creepy Videodrome feel to it. I appreciate the Habit keeping all of its inner workings sealed for the most part behind opaque plastic, but this is just a personal (and perhaps odd) preference.

Each of the controls are located on the toy's handle and are much like the kind of sliding controls you'd see on a mixing board. The sliding "knobs" are scored to allow for some helpful friction that prevents slippery hands from losing grip, but they are very easy to accidentally knock into during play, thereby changing the setting. This has never been a huge problem for me, though, because it's just as easy to change the setting back with a flick of a finger. Both controls only control speed (of rotation and vibration) and do not offer any patterns or pulses. I preferred to keep the vibrations mid-range, as I said, because they can get a little desensitizing at their most intense.

The Habit is not waterproof and in fact, you should be careful during your cleanings because the battery compartment is not very well sealed and has a tendency to slip open. Toward the end of my first Habit's life (which was pretty long for a vibrator) I had duct tape over the battery compartment to keep it closed. I would also not recommend using this toy if you're trying to keep a low profile; it can be heard through a door quite easily.

Care and Maintenance

Personally, I started using condoms over this toy on my second go around with it. I only use it for solo vaginal use, but it still makes the clean-up much easier. Additionally IF YOU ARE PRONE TO YEAST INFECTIONS/ETC. I would recommend using a condom with this at all times. Keep in mind that jelly is porous and can harbor bacteria and that this is just the sort of thing that can cause yeast infections. Additionally, if you don't think you'll mind the rubber (and really, it makes almost no difference in texture) I'd recommend it highly if you're just someone that wants to crash after a good orgasm instead of getting up and meticulously scrubbing and rinsing.

And precision is required in cleaning this thing. There are quite a few little nooks and crannies for fluids to get caught in, and it's tricky to not get any water on the handle. When I clean this toy I usually run the sink at low pressure to get the shaft and clitoral probe wet, then scrub with some anti-bacterial soap, and rinse again with the water at low pressure to avoid splash-back onto the battery compartment. If the battery compartment itself gets mucky, a moist washcloth or paper towel is a good way to avoid catastrophe and still get it cleaned up.

The Rabbit Habit is compatible with water and oil based lubricants. I've never tried silicone lubricant because I know that silicone can sometimes compromise the integrity of a toy, so I can't really speak to that. Which, now that I've mentioned it, leads into another important caveat: do not store this or any other jelly toy openly with silicone toys. Silicone can melt or warp the shape of jelly products very easily in storage, so wrap either your Rabbit or your silicone play things in a Ziploc bag to keep them from mingling.

Personal comments

Overall, I really love this toy. I am on my second one now (my last one finally died) and I briefly considering taking a chance on another rabbit for my second purchase. In the end I couldn't do it. This vibrator has served me very well in the past even if it has had its problems. Very few toys are perfect, especially in the land-o-rabbits. I think this toy has stood the test of time, although apparently it's been given an upgrade recently. If your looking for a first dual stimulation vibe I think this one delivers far more than what you pay for, so I feel it makes a great choice.
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    Icky yeast infection. Thanks for the tip.
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    Hah, no problem. My friend used to get yeast infections pretty frequently and then her gyn figured out it was in all probability a jelly toy she was using. Once she got rid of it the yeast infections stopped.
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    Good review!
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