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The cone The cone

Cone vibrator by Twisted Products

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The cone reviews

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19 reviews

Overall, excellent product for delivering powerful orgasms. Not so great for couple sex, but certainly can be held and made to pleasure.

Its a good toy, but for the money, I think the cone is over priced for it performance. There are better ones to choose from for less money.

This isn't a necessary addition to your toy box, but it IS cute and I'm sure you'll find a few great uses for it. It doesn't seem to be made for the long haul, but it has great settings to keep you stimulated. Do remember to keep it away from your pets!

This vibrator is worth the money for the strong orgasms alone- but it also provides great low-level stimulation whenever your mind may be wandering while you're doing sit-down work. The Cone is great as a sex toy, and as a stress-relief toy.

I've actually had the Cone for awhile now, and I still love it. While its not my go-to toy, its unique patterns and design... not to mention power... keep me coming back. I recommend to anyone looking for something fun and unique to spice things up!

The Cone is a fun vibrator for someone who likes to get off by grinding against things. It is, however, fairly awkward to use and is far from discreet.

The Cone was one of the very first high end toys that I lusted after. At first, I thought I was terribly wrong about the amazing experience I had always hoped it would give me. The Cone does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you do a fair share of experimenting, it will bring you some of the most amazing orgasms known to women.

Cute design, strong vibrations and reliable performance. It works for solo play or play with partners, with a setting for absolutely everyone.

The cone makes my vulva and clit very happy. It's a great luxury vibrator - tons of patterns, but you don't necessarily have to waste 20 minutes reading an instruction manual before you use it - just pop in some batteries, hold down both buttons, flip through the pulsation patterns at your own convenience and you're good to go.

There is nothing on the market that is remotely similar to the Cone. A lovable, humpable vibrator, the Cone excels in providing its user with 16 unique vibration patterns. And it has an orgasm button. Even though this toy was not strong enough to bring me over the edge (I need a lot of stimulation), I still found the Cone to be quite enjoyable.

If you are a collector and if you are creative, the cone is perfect for you and your power needs. Not everyone has a Cone and that's because they don't know how to handle it!

The Cone is a unique toy that is versatile and powerful. The sixteen speeds make it an amazing toy that can make anyone have an intense orgasm! I would recommend this Cone to anyone, whether you plan to use it on yourself or your partner. The Cone will NOT disappoint you!

Unless you don't mind spending a lot of time getting used to a new toy, and exploring the possibilities, or you are really craving something different to try, pass on this one; it's not worth it. It's tricky to use with your partner, and (for me) it was too much work for solo sex.

If there were a Cult of Cone, I'd be its high priestess. I love this toy. It's my hands-down favorite. It is the most versatile piece in a very sizable toy collection, and my partner loves it almost as much as I do.

The Cone is an exciting addition to any seasoned toy collection, or even perfect for beginners! The smooth broad surface of the side is wonderful for clit stimulation, and an alternative to the usual tiny flicking clitoris vibes. The varying vibrations, and the ability to use it sitting down, also make it great for stimulating arousal in someone that isn't in the mood; but would like to be. With a little experimentation, the cone offers dozens of possibilities.

It's a shame, the idea is great, but the execution just didn't get me anywhere near orgasm. It's powerful enough, but the sensations aren't concentrated where they should be.

Great looking, high quality sex toy with plenty of stimulation settings and bedroom possibilities! If you are getting tired of playing with the same toys and want something to spark that creative sexy-time spark, the Cone won't disappoint.

Even though it’s a very strange and funky shape, The Cone still manages to hit one or two of the real good spots.

The Cone is also quite effective for anal exploration because it provides maximum stimulation with minimum penetration. So for those just starting to experiment in this region, it would be a great place to start.

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