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The Cone was one of the very first high end toys that I lusted after. At first, I thought I was terribly wrong about the amazing experience I had always hoped it would give me. The Cone does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you do a fair share of experimenting, it will bring you some of the most amazing orgasms known to women.
POWER! Unique and fun design (once you get the hang of it), 16 program modes, can be used by anyone!
C batteries, hard silicone, can hurt
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For my 200th review, I got to pick an item from Eden. With tons of awesome things to choose from, it was hard to narrow down my selection. I had it down to a few and after a community poll, decided on the Cone. I saw the Cone a few years ago and have wanted it ever since. I saw it on Howard Stern's radio television show before I ever got my first sex toy when I was 19. I think after all those years pining after this, I had a pretty high expectation and a lot of preconceived notions and ideas of what it would feel, look, and perform like. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed at first. Using the Cone was awkward, painful, and down right weird. But, with a few experimentation sessions, I have learned to appreciate and utilize the cool design and amazing power. I recommend the Cone to women who don't mind working for an earth shattering orgasm, are creative, or have an adventurous partner to explore the possibilities of the Cone with.

The cone can be used for tons of different things. It doesn't provide a lot of vaginal insertion, but it can be slightly inserted or sat on in various ways. My favorite sensations were anally or clitorally. It can be used by either gender, solo, with a partner, or during sex. The powerful 3 volt, 3000 rpm motor has 16 exciting programs to choose from! Let's get creative, shall we?!
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    • All over body
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Material / Texture

The Cone is made of a baby pink, smooth but semi-matte textured, 100% silicone. This silicone is non-porous, phthalates and latex free, hypo-allergenic, and food-grade material. It has barely any smell and is very firm. This is was I was most dissapointed with-the firmness. I had always imagined it to be more plush and that it would form to the body when pressure was applied (Don't steal my idea anyone! I am so going to make a cone like that!). This is so firm that it doesn't do that at all, which is why it proved to be painful in certain positions. The bottom is a thick black plastic (not gray like you see in the pictures). It has some rubber footies that keep it from sliding on hard smooth surfaces.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The Cone has one of the most unique designs of any vibrator out there, or toy for that matter. The simpleness makes it work for many different things and people. At 5" tall and amount 7 1/2" wide at the base, this thing is huge. It is much larger than I had expected. This was partly due to the incorrect measurements listed on the product page and the image that had been created in my head over the years. It is pretty hefty in weight too. With the batteries inserted, it weighs about 2 pounds. This with the no slip pads, helps it to stay put when you are humping against it. It would be cool if this had suction cup attachments too...sadly it does not.

Because it is so big, heavy, and oddly shaped, it is not great for travel at all. It would be kind of hard to tuck away in luggage or to pack around. It is semi-discreet I suppose. Since it doesn't look like a sex toy, people might not recognize it as one, but they sure will be curious about it.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The best part about the Cone is the amazing 3000 rpm motor that powers the 16 different vibration modes.
To use the Cone, the controls are easy. There are only two buttons. When looking at the cone, hold the right button to turn it on. It will start on the first of the 16. To continue through, press the other button. Each time you press it, a light will flash right above the button. This light is under the material and is a seamless part of the design. The other button, will bring you to "Orgasm Mode" which is the last of the vibration levels. You can use this button to jump to that stage at any point. Bad part is that in order to get back to, say level 7, you have to go through them all again. It would be nice if there was a "previous option" button or if pressing the opposite button brought you back to where you were. Alright, enough complaining! Here are the awesome program modes!

0. Although not the starting level (which is why it is #0), the Cone does sometimes jump to a very low level. I have numbered it here for reference in the later vibration modes. This vibration level is a low level of vibration, but higher than a flutter.

1. Moderate steady vibration: For a starter level, this is already a decent vibration and fairly loud. If sitting with this between your legs on a couch, it is muffled and my partner couldn't hear it while sitting on another couch in the same room (the TV was on). With out the muffling of a bed or couch, it could be heard through a door.

2. Moderate high steady vibration: could barely be heard by my partner sitting on the couch. Level two could already finish me if I was horny enough! Can you imagine what the other levels are like?!?!

3. Slightly higher steady vibration: Ummm....I think my hips and butt cheeks are vibrating too...

4. High and strong vibration: This could literally finish me in less than 30 seconds if I was not over sensitive!

5. Holy shit vibration level! Am I sitting on a muscle car engine on high rev?!?! This level is crazy intense. I had this on the floor and my partner who was sitting in a computer chair with his feet up, could feel the vibration in his chair! I have never experienced anything this strong. I cannot put this on a bare clit. I had to use this level with spandex pants on. I'm pretty sure the neighbors can hear this one.

6. This level alternates between two, each for a few seconds. It goes between level 0 and 3 with no pauses in between.

7. This is a teaser level. It starts out on level 4 and escalates to something even higher than level 5. It goes back down to 2 and back up to 5, over and over again.

8. This vibration level is really cool. It kind of sounds like a techno rave! It pulses fast between levels 3 and 4 and then does an even faster flutter on level 5. These pulses are unlike what I have felt before. They pack a punch!

9. This level I call "stuck pedal" mode. Ever have a stuck accelerator pedal on your car? You are going really slow and then the pedal gets unstuck making you go embarrassingly fast for a second? That is what this is like. It has a long duration of level 2 and then does a single very quick pulse to level 4.

10. This is a really fast flutter on level 5, just like in 8. This is a favorite that can make me finish HARD.

11. This level makes me laugh because at first it sounds like a sports car going from 0-60 mph. It goes from level 0-5+ in about 10 seconds and then pulses on level 5 before repeating.

12. This is also a pulsing like in 10, but longer pulses of level 5.

13. Same as 12, but even longer pulses of level 5.

14. Pulsing on level 4 that is as fast as the pulsing in 12 (this level seems out of order).

15. Steady vibration of 5 for a few seconds, that drops down to level 2 for a quick moment before going back up. This vibration level always made me finish if I had not already. As the program goes on, the lower level durations get a bit longer.

16. ORGASM MODE! Pulsing on level 5, that gets faster and faster before repeating.

All of the levels are VERY loud. This may be a discreet toy in look, but definitely not in sound. there really wasn't an program mode that I hated! I liked them all and loved programs 7, 11, 13, and 15. The vibrations are so intense that they can be felt throughout all parts of the cone. This makes the design awesome because you can lay your clit (or other body parts) against any part of the surface.

Try this awesome link to virtually try out the cone! The Cone Simulator
    • Not very discreet
    • Powerful
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

The Cone is super easy to take care of. The one bummer is that it takes 3 size C batteries. I was devastated when I found this out because I had none of those! I had about a zillion other ones, but no C batteries...just my luck. Cleaning is easy though. Just wipe the Cone down with toy cleaning spray or soap and water using a damp cloth. The cone is NOT waterproof so, don't attempt to submerge this or boil it. In most cases, I did not use lubricant. If you do need to, make sure you do not use silicone lubricant; it will ruin the material. I recommend using water based only.
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


The packaging is very minimal and I was kind of dissapointed. You would think that such a high end and expensive toy would come with good packaging too. It doesn't. It comes in a bright pink pyramid cardboard box. One side has a white triangle and the words 'the cone' on it. The bottom lists a website: conezone. It also says that is is made in China. I hate buying products made in China (for safety concerns among other reasons), but was relieved that it also says that it is lead free. The box is recyclable and since it doesn't hide the shape or make it easier to store, it should just be thrown away. The cone doesn't really collect dust, so it isn't even useful for that either.

Inside the package was a small instruction booklet that was not very helpful at all. I got most of my product information from the website. It is in a few different languages though. The inside page shows different ways to use the cone, some of which I wish I never attempted. The is a short intro about the toy, instructions for the batteries (the bottom unscrews), operation, and lubrication cautions.
    • Not very informative
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Check out this funky old video from the product release: 1st product video


I tried to do some of the positions that are included in the booklet, but a lot of the proved to be painful for me. To put all of my weight on the tip, inside me or not, was VERY painful for me. I was so frustrated with this toy since that was the first thing I tried with it. I'll tell you what worked and save you the same frustration.

1. This was great for placing on the floor and then lowering myself onto it-belly down. The majority of the toy sat between my vaginal lips and thighs. my partner could then enter me from behind. We loved using this together that way!

2. When sitting on a couch, I could place this between my legs while they were crossed. Eden browsing suddenly has become even more arousing ;).

3. I also liked putting this on the floor while sitting on my feet, knees spread open. I could either hold the cone to hump or grind against, or go hands free and give my partner oral while he sat in a chair or on the couch.

4. While in the same position, I could put this under my butt and OMG, my ass loves the Cone too. I could then use another toy clitorally, but I didn't really need one.

5. Another good solo position was placing it on the corner edge of the bed. The bouncing and grinding was a lot of fun. This was the best position for putting in a butt plug too.

6. My boyfriend did not want to try this anally but he did place the Cone between his legs while in a seated position. He laid his ball sack over the tip of the cone and I gave him oral this way. The vibrations traveled through his entire cock. Guess what we did next?...cowgirl sex!

Once I figured out what worked and didn't (placing against a wall, sitting directly on it, or squatting), I appreciated the Cone a lot more. At first, I thought this toy would be collecting a lot dust after this review, now I know we will continue to explore with it and hopefully find more uses for it. I must say that even though this has really strong vibration levels, I had to work for my orgasms by grinding against the side surface of the Cone. I love this though! It creates the most awesome and intense orgasms. My clit was twitching for almost an hour after my first one with the Cone. I hope I have many more like that. Thanks eden for an awesome gift!
Follow-up commentary
The Cone is one of my favorite toys and one of the best I own. I'm really proud to own it. I don't use it often because I have a fear of becoming desensitized by the strong vibrations (ration, silly, or not, it is still a fear). I prefer to use it while giving oral or while I am soloing on the couch. I turn it over and lay it in my lap.

I am very excited for the development of the "caps" that are being designed for the Cone. Since my clit is very sensitive, sometimes the Cone is too much for me. I am hoping that any cap I am able to add to the Cone will keep the wonderful rumbly vibrations, but make them less direct for me.

If you have the space for a larger toy and like to get creative with your masturbation or sex, the Cone is an excellent tool for this.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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