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The cone

Cone vibrator by Twisted Products

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Sex toy? Art piece? You choose.

If there were a Cult of Cone, I'd be its high priestess. I love this toy. It's my hands-down favorite. It is the most versatile piece in a very sizable toy collection, and my partner loves it almost as much as I do.
Versatile, unique, materially safe.
Minimal penetration, noise level, not waterproof.
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extremely useful review
The Cone is an ideal toy for solo and partner play. The first thing to note is that the cone is primarily an external vibrator. It's not meant to offer deep internal stimulation. It definitely wasn't able to hit my G-spot, or my partner's P-spot, but we were more than willing to overlook that shortcoming given the almost limitless other uses we found for it. The Cone provides wonderful, intense, varied fun, and with sixteen different vibration settings, it can easily take you all the way from start to finish.

Settings 1-5: continuous vibrations at one speed, from low to mind-blowing levels of intensity.
Setting 6: three seconds on a lower continuous vibration, three seconds on a more intense continuous vibration.
Setting 7: gradually accelerates from gentle to intense vibration and back.
Setting 8: four discrete pulses, followed by one longer, more intense pulse.
Setting 9: continuous, medium vibration, with random, brief pulses of intensity.
Setting 10: continuous vibrations, but more pulsated than the first settings.
Setting 11: five seconds on a low setting, five seconds on a medium setting, ten seconds on an intense setting, and ten seconds of brief, intense pulsations.
Setting 12: brief, rapid, intense pulsations.
Setting 13: slightly longer, intense pulsations.
Setting 14: stronger, faster, shorter pulsations.
Setting 15: four seconds of intense vibration, one second of low vibration.
Setting 16: the infamous "orgasm" setting, which really just has to be experienced... I'll just say they don't call it that for nothing!

So, the Cone is definitely not short on options. It brings me to orgasm as slowly or as quickly as I wish, and every play session is a little bit different. Clitorally speaking, it's a winner. The Cone is also a marvelous anal toy for those who prefer external stimulation, and my partner and I both enjoyed using it in this way.

A note on the noise factor: the Cone is NOT a discreet toy. It's surprisingly quiet on lower settings, but the higher settings can easily be heard through a closed door.

During sex, incorporating the Cone took a little bit of creativity, but when we added a few pillows to the equation, all was well. The Cone's instruction manual offers multiple suggestions for partner play, and I'm happy to report that we tried every one and then some.

The Cone's unique design is definitely something different, which is part of what makes it so much fun to use. It's hands-free, which is another plus. On a practical note, battery insertion (3 - C batteries) is quick and easy, and the controls are very simple and user-friendly. The Cone's weighted base makes it more stable than most toys, allowing for more innovative play.

The Cone is 100% pure silicone, non-porous and phtalate-free. It can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Be sure to water-based lubricants only with this toy.
For a few weeks after the Cone arrived, my partner and I were so amused by it that we took turns leaving it in random places for the other one to find. This game came to an abrupt end after a visit from my partner's grandmother, who happened to glance up and spot the Cone on top of one of our bookshelves. She immediately inquired as to what "that pink thing" could possibly be.

"It's a sculpture, Grandma," my partner replied, without missing a beat. "Contemporary feminist art, do you like it?" He then changed the subject, and we got away with it. Barely.
Follow-up commentary
Oh, the Cone.

When you come right down to it, this really is my go-to toy. My toy collection reached the triple digits some time ago, but this is the one toy that lives beside my bed, tucked safely into my nightstand along with the Sliquid Silk lubricant and Kama Sutra chocolate body paint (the holy trinity of sexual bliss, if you ask me).

The Cone can take me anywhere I want to go, any way I want to get there. The large number of settings ensure that I never get bored, and no two play sessions are ever the same. The Cone still features frequently in my relationship in the context of partner sex, as well.

The Cone has held up astonishingly well considering the amount of use it's seen over the past year-- the silicone material is still in great shape, and amazingly enough, I've only had to change out the batteries twice. Not bad, for such a powerful toy getting almost daily use.

In conclusion, this is the best piece in my toy collection. Nothing else comes close.
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