EdenFantasys is committed to making our website's content accessible and user friendly to everyone. If you are having difficulty viewing or navigating the content on this website, or notice any content, feature, or functionality that you believe is not fully accessible to people with disabilities, please call our Customer Support Team at +1 (770) 604-1352 or email our team at with "ADA" in the subject line and provide a description of the specific feature you feel is not fully accessible or a suggestion for improvement.

We take your feedback seriously and will consider it as we evaluate ways to accommodate all of our customers and our overall accessibility policies. Additionally, while we do not control such vendors, we strongly encourage vendors of third-party digital content to provide content that is accessible and user friendly.

Please note for the best results with OCR technology, we recommend accessing the website with the following browsers:
  • JAWS (the most popular screen reader on Windows)
  • NVDA (an open-source alternative for Windows)
  • VoiceOver (the screen reader bundled into macOS, iOS and tvOS)
  • Talkback on Android
  • Voice Assistant on Samsung

How To Enable And Use Your Screen Reader

Voiceover on Desktop

If you’ve never used a screen reader before, it can be a daunting experience. It’s a major culture shock going to an auditory-only experience, and not knowing how to control the onslaught of noise is unnerving. For this reason, the first thing you’ll want to learn is how to turn it off.

The shortcut for turning VoiceOver off is the same as the shortcut for turning it on:
+ F5 (⌘ is also known as the Cmd key).

Once you’ve mastered turning it on and off, you’ll need to learn to use the “VoiceOver key” (which is actually two keys pressed at the same time): Ctrl and (the latter key is also known as “Option” or the Alt key). Using the VO key in combination with other keys, you can navigate the web.

For example, you can use VO + A to read out the web page from the current position; in practice, this means holding Ctrl + + A. Remembering what VO corresponds to is confusing at first, but the VO notation is for brevity and consistency. It is possible to configure the VO key to be something else, so it makes sense to have a standard notation that everyone can follow.

You may use VO and arrow keys (VO + and VO + ) to go through each element in the DOM in sequence. When you come across a link, you can use VO + Space to click it — you’ll use these keys to interact with form elements too.

Voiceover on Mobile

The mobile/tablet shortcut for turning on VoiceOver varies according to the device, but is generally a ‘triple click’ of the home button (after enabling the shortcut in settings).

You can read everything from the current position with a Two-Finger Swipe Down command, and you can select each element in the DOM in sequence with a Swipe Right or Left.

Supported browsers

EdenFantasys requires an up-to-date web browser to make sure that you can use all of EdenFantasys's features. EdenFantasys currently supports the latest two versions of all browsers, unless otherwise noted.

Browsers supported by EdenFantasys include:

Update your web browsers

It is best practice to keep your web browsers updated to the latest version to ensure that websites render properly. To update a supported browser, refer to their documentation: