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Total ecstasy triple stimulator Total ecstasy triple stimulator

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Total ecstasy triple stimulator reviews

16 reviews
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16 reviews

Overall, a great toy. If you like, or want to try, anal play this is a good toy. With its slender anal insert and powerful vibration it adds to the clitoral and vaginal pleasure. Definitely a must have.

The Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator is a great toy to stimulate all three points on a woman's body. It's a great toy for anyone looking to try a triple stimulator.

I loved the multi-speed vibrations which intensified my orgasms, and made them last longer. The buttons to control the vibration intensity or level were fairly easy to master, and changing the level was easy while using the Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator.

This is a item any woman should have. I say a must have! It covers all the sensitive areas thoroughly!

This toy is amazing! Very very stimulating. My husband loves watching me play with this toy, especially with the anal stimulator. It really is a great purchase.

The Total Ecstacy Triple Stimulator is currently my favorite vibrator. I love it with its many functions, stimulations and possibilities. It's a must have for any collection out there and great for first timers wanting to experiment with the back door. It's comfortable, flexible and easy to use.

This toy is one of the best toys I've come across so far and does not dissapoint at all in any way.

This is a mind-blowing little gadget! You are guarantied an orgasm every time you use this toy. By far the best vibrator I've ever owned so far. Though material wise it's not so great. Just keep it clean and no sharing. If you are not into strong vibrations stay clear for the vibrations can be earthshaking to most. All in all this vibrator has the complete package.

All in all this vibrator is a complete package. You have the standard vaginal and clitoral stimulators and an anal stimulator that is sure to please the beginner to even the more advanced user. This toy is definitely worth the price for the complete bliss that the vibrations will give you all around.

I highly recommend this guy to anyone who's looking for a versatile, powerful vibe. However, new or extremely sensitive users should swing clear; this guy may be too big and too powerful for your tastes.

This is by far the best vibrator I've ever owned so far. The orgasm was extremely intense and immediate! Did I mention you get a triple orgasm all in one from anal, clitoral, and penetration? The vibration is very powerful. It's easy to use for anal pleasure - not too big, not too small. Wished the rotation of the head was a little more intense but still very pleasurable. I believe all women that have any curiosities about anal stimulation and/or double penetration need to try this product!

This toy gave me a g spot and clitoral orgasm in mere seconds. But, I had to wash it twice, air it out overnight, and put a condom on it before I could use it, because it smelled so incredibly bad. Were it not for the material, I would recommend it whole-heartedly.

The triple stimulation aspect is what drew me to buy this toy, but in the end the jelly material is a total turnoff, and it rarely comes out of "the box".

This product is by far the best toy in my collection. Delicately designed, it gets the job done in record time! This stimulator is just like having three toys wrapped all in one.

This was my first multi-function vibrator. It was great, but a little overwhelming at first. The beads inside the shaft gave me a great feeling inside. I loved the anal teasing that I got, and the clit stimulator was divine. This was a great orgasm for the money.

Every girl should own one of these!! It was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had with a toy, three climaxes at once. Most girls are not lucky enough to even have one orgasm during playtime let alone three. It was my first ever anal orgasm ever, It left me shaking but ready for more! It is IMPOSSIBLE to not orgasm with this toy! Even after removing the toy I had waves of orgasms.

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