Total ecstasy triple stimulator - rabbit vibrator by Pipedream - review by Goodkittygnbad

Go Pinky Go!

This product is by far the best toy in my collection. Delicately designed, it gets the job done in record time! This stimulator is just like having three toys wrapped all in one.
Wonderful anal stimulation, feminine design, separate vibration/rotation controls.
The shaft itself could stand to be just a bit longer, and it's not waterproof.
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After ordering my Total ecstasy triple stimulator I waited anxiously for it to arrive on my door step. Finally my package arrived and I wasted no time opening my gift to myself. I read over the box first, I'm a sucker for details. Pearls, clitoral and anal stimulation, and two separate controls. I just knew this was going to be a wonderful treat (and I was right!).

I opened the package and took out the Stimulator. It's design was sleek and it was the most feminine of colors, pink. I gently ran my hand over the shaft, then jiggled the rabbit's ears and the stinger. Both the ears and the stinger were flexible which was a sign for good vibration.

I quickly found the 4AA batteries used to power this toy and then tested out the controls. Unlike some other products I own, you have control over the vibration AND rotation which I thoroughly enjoy. (I've come to find out that sometimes you want both, sometimes you don't. It's nice to be able to choose.)

Before using this product, I cleaned it thoroughly with anti-bacterial toy cleaner (which can all be found on Edens Fantasy). After cleaning my new toy, I position myself on the bed with a pillow under my hips. I applied just a dab of lubricant to the shaft and the anal stinger, then, the race was off!

I started with just vibration, but quickly moved to vibration and rotation. I found that if you gently rock the stimulator from the front to back that it adds a wonderful sensation as your anal regions are stimulated and it then rolls to your clitoral area. To my surprise, I had an incredibly intense orgasm within minutes! (I truly think it was thanks to the stinger.)

I believe this is a must have for any toy collection. The product is good for experienced toy users, but also for beginners or those just becoming interested in anal stimulation. The small jelly stinger is small enough not to be intrusive or intimidating, but it definitely works to get the job done!

All in all, this is a GREAT product. It has long battery life and is adjustable to fit your mood. I'd suggest this product to anyone!
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    I have this without the anal part and it is too big to fit into me...stinks cause this sonds great!

    Try being a bit more descriptive with your next review. Good though.
  • Goodkittygnbad
    Thank you for the critic, Lauren. I'll try next time. Smile
  • Goodkittygnbad
    Critique, sorry. Brain doesn't function this early.
  • Viv
    all the options sound great! just keep in mind this is made of jelly which contains Phthalates (not awesome for your body) and it's very porous and hard to keep clean. Might consider using this one with condoms on it for easy clean up and just to be safe. glad you're loving it!
  • Goodkittygnbad
    Did not know that, Saurou! Thank you!
  • Perish
    How do you clean this toy?

    Thanks for the review.
  • Goodkittygnbad
    I use the Antibacterial Toy Cleaner that can be found here on Edens. I spray each side thoroughly then wipe with a designated low fiber cloth. (I always clean before and after play to be safe.) If there are stray fibers still on the toy, I gently rinse the jelly material with warm water, but stay far enough away from the battery encasement to prevent damage.
  • Airen Wolf
    How intense are the different vibrations and rotations? (Some people are put off by very intense vibrations and some are not interested unless they are truly rocked!) Is it a loud toy that might be embarassing for people who have nosey children, parents or room mates? Does the stinger just tickle the anal area or does it get inserted a bit (this might lead to cleaning issues with Jelly toys as they can't really be 100% sterilized). Would the shaft of the toy be suitable for smaller women or those who don't like a lot of girth? Did you notice any slow down when using the rotation and vibration at the same time? When you clamp down on the shaft of the toy do the rotational beads continue spinning?
    One trick I do when reviewing a toy is I read other reviews about similar toys and then try to compare the them in my mind...sometimes it gives a very good clue as to what other people are satisfied with and not so satisfied with about functions of the various toys, their safety and cleanliness ect.
    Nice review all in all, welcome to the community!
  • Hotlink
    Thanks for the review!
  • Lover of Leather
    Thanks for the review
  • FHeemz
    Thanks so much for reviewing this product!
  • Alyona
    Thanks for the review.
  • mmmmm
    Thanks for the review.
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