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Waterproof jack rabbit reviews

62 reviews
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62 reviews

Overall, this is a must-buy for those who love rabbit vibes or for those who are looking for something stronger.

Okay, so I would not purchase another toy closely related to this item because it's just not for me. However, some women may like it more than others. I suggest doing a bit more research and maybe there is a better brand out there, but I am discouraged and I wish all the people who will try this out the best of luck!

The Waterproof Jack Rabbit, while being one of the best jelly toys I've used, didn't really do it for me. The ears were too rigid and sharp for my clit, but the rotating shaft was nice. The control pad is great and the design is beautiful. The texture is great in some places but seems cheap in other places.

The Blue Jack Rabbit Toy by California Exotics is the best for the price, with features like rotating shaft and rabbit that have 3 speeds each. Yhis is a waterproof toy that is suitable for solo or couple play! This is one of my most favorite and go to toys!

For us, this toy, unfortunately, did not meet expectations. We were really hoping for an awesome experience, especially since this toy was a "for her" investment. Perhaps anatomy got in the way of a good time, but we can help but feel that, for a rabbit, this should have been a bit more cuddly and less rigid. Hopefully, others can enjoy it though.

Love the size, love the material, love the rabbit "concept" but the execution could be better. The rabbit is not flexible enough to accommodate an easy clit-fit. Ill-placed controls make accidentally turning it off a definite possibility, and spinny balls are just a distraction. But the vibration power is strong and if you are lucky with the rabbit ears, there is definite massive O payoff.

This toy is totally worth it if you don't mind jelly, have some experience, want some power in the vibration department, and like something that's relatively simple.

With its multi-functions, waterproofing and enough power to offer mind blowing orgasms when it fits the user correctly this toy is a fairly good example of what I have come to expect from the more inexpensive rabbits. A different material would be nice but this can be addressed with toy covers and condoms. It's a tad intimidating and not for beginners or women who can't handle size but it's got some oomph and plenty of promise. It just wasn't the toy for me.

Overall this toy is the bomb! I love it! I highly recommend it. It's cute to look at and gives me wonderful orgasms. Enjoy!

Not my suggested beginners' first choice, this toy has its own plethora of pleasures once users become accustomed to the ways to gain pleasure from this toy.

Overall, I love the product and am satisfied with it. Glad my husband purchased it for me! I would definitely recommend this as a new addition to your ensemble!

All in all, we regret buying the product for the sole reason that it was not comfortable or pleasurable for my wife. While others may love the toy, it simply wasn't a good match for my wife's body. It may be good for others, but for us, it wasn't.

This was my first rabbit vibrator and a classic in my collection. Overall a great choice if you've never experienced the wonders of a rabbit vibe. The only downside is the material, so please use a condom.

Although I think this could be a good toy for beginners, I would advise everyone to purchase a toy made of a safer material. For the price there are better options out there. I enjoyed and got a lot of use out of the rabbit when I was a beginner, but have since purchased silicone rabbits.

Being my first toy, I was very impressed and was going in to this toy with low expectations for the price. As a beginner, I very much enjoy it! Even though it's a little pricy, it's very worth it.

Buy it if you need both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, it will get the job done. It's a good value for the price.

Overall, this item is very good and not too bad for the price. If on sale, definitely go for it! It's fairly affordable and will definitely give you a bang for your buck.

This was my first rabbit and I'm extremely pleased with its performance. I live alone so noise isn't a concern for me, but I can see the volume being a problem for people with roommates. I was impressed with how long the batteries lasted and I think this might be my new favorite toy.

The Jack Rabbit is a very nice toy with great vibration strength. The jelly it is made of is very comfortable, and the large size is very nice. The toy is very easy to clean, and is waterproof. The cons about the rabbit are the clitoral stimulator is too long, and makes deep penetration difficult. I would have also liked to see more movement out of the shaft.

This fun bunny had to convince me just how fun it can be. Its outgoing personality and shapely form cause me to be apprehensive at times. Overall, this bunny is my favorite friend, but it could use a few adjustments. Even though I marked it as 3 bees, I would say it is closer to 4 bees, especially when all settings are on high.

This toy is a great simple, yet mutually complex toy that has 3 different speeds and vibration intensities. It's a great toy for a beginner or a long time toy users to go to when they want something a little simpler.

With its combo internal and external stimulation, rotating beads and multiple settings, this is the pinnacle of the traditional rabbit. However, its large size and the placement of the rabbit stimulator may be problems for some. Although this toy does what it says, you could probably do better, especially for the money it costs.

It was a good deal for the money and lasts several months with regular use. Gets the job done in a variety of situations. Sanitary and smooth.

Deluxe faux kisses for my crotch does it get any better? I'm totally understating the power in a light way for a surprise element. I did find it a little futuristic because it felt like I was holding a light saber for the first time. But I kinda got over it and use it quite often. I would definitely take this with me to Vegas, it's the best!

For the price, this is a good dual stimulation toy. Because of the jelly material, it is difficult to keep clean and impossible to completely sterilize.

My rabbit hunt continues—the Waterproof Jack Rabbit is not a bad toy over all, but despite its good points it just doesn't do it for me.

If you are a beginner looking for a rabbit vibrator this is definitely a good choice. It’s affordable, it’s a good size, and it’s powerful. The ears can be difficult, but they aren’t that bad.

I would definitely recommend this rabbit to all my friends. It has a few cons, but they are definitively outweighed by the pros

This is a dual stimulation toy. It is waterproof so it is perfect for the shower. It has oscillating beads in the shaft for additional stimulation. It is definitely worth the money.

This is my first rabbit vibrator and I had really high expectations. I thought it would knock my socks off but unfortunately my anatomy was the problem. I just couldn't get the ears on my clit and the pointy face was bothering me. The vibrations are strong but I couldn't really feel it and I don't really like the rotation. This vibrator is expensive and for this price I could have gotten something better. It's not a terrible toy but it just didn't work for me.

As my first vibrator, I think it will remain a favorite for many years. I have had powerful orgasms with every use and am never sexually deprived with this product at my bedside.

Overall I love this rabbit and the quick, guaranteed orgasms that it provides. My only draw backs with it would be the jelly material and the odor. But performance wise, it hasn't failed me yet!

Overall, I didn't really like this toy, and I would not buy another one. I only used it twice and won't use it again. I might actually just get rid of it because it takes up space.

The name is boring but honestly, this is a very not-boring, waterproof toy! Worth the cost, although some people may need to do a slight modification to avoid a painful ear-poking bunny.

This item is absolutely worth the money and time to wait to get it shipped. Hands down it is the best orgasm I have had with a dildo.

For those into just getting off, I'd suggest this. But for those into total pleasure and more, I wouldn't suggest this. I was very pleased with this item. It delivers hours of pleasure. A must have.

This product is a great toy for rabbit first timers. It will satisfy your needs and you won't be disappointed! If you are one who likes a strong clitoral vibration I can strongly recommend this product.

A good quality rabbit, that is powerful, long lasting, waterproof, and loads of fun. Pleasing texture, appealing look, rotates and vibrates, and it's not very loud! And personally, it was the first rabbit toy to actually reach the clitoris!

This is amazing, and it definitely worth the money. with all the different settings it is very exciting. The rotating shaft makes the whole experience perfect!

I am so happy that this toy was my introduction to rabbits. I have had such a wonderful experience with this toy and would recommend it to any beginner who is looking for a rabbit toy to try. It definitely opened up a new world for me. I had two good years with this toy and for the price I paid I'd say it was totally worth it.

The Jack Rabbit does offer for decent Multiple Speed vibration and allows for clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation. However the vibrations in the clitoral stimulator are rather weak even on high levels and its very LOUD, and bulky.

This is my first sex toy and I didn't make a mistake with this one. It's enormous and I LOVE the jelly-like material; it's firm but the surface is soft and flexible. I don't use the rotating thing much, though, but it's nice to have as an option.I use it every night my boyfriend's away. Lots of things you can do with this one: just using it on the surface or thrusting it like mad. I recommend it 100%.

Jack Rabbit works great, it hits all the right spots, but does need some improvement, it is great for first time users.

Great for an all-in-one toy and for beginners. I enjoyed it for the quicky I needed, but not worth the price.

Overall this is an awesome toy, I think everyone should own one. It has great functionality as well as diversity in the places you can play with it.

This item, overall, was not worth it to me because of the rusting in the motor and the nubs on the head. I would have rather spent my money on a different one. Lesson learned.

What isn't better than taking a bath and having an orgasm at the same time! You can use this is the shower, bath, pool, anywhere with water. However, it's also just as fun outside of water.

Best toy we own so far. The batteries last a long time for hours of fun if she can handle it.

This rabbit has given me more orgasms than I have ever had! My boyfriend has grown somewhat jealous over it. That was all diminished when I brought it to the bedroom with us one night. He has seen and experiences some of my other toys with me but in his words "has never seen something give me such a powerful orgasm!"

This jack rabbit is definitely worth the price for how much enjoyment you will get out of it. Although it is a little loud on higher settings, and may be a little uncomfortable at first for a beginners, it still makes for a GREAT toy by yourself or great foreplay object with a partner. I definitely recommend this item to anyone wanting a little something with a lot of something to give.

All in all a great toy when you don't have the real thing. Only thing it lacks is auto thruster action if you use a lot your wrist may get tired. lol

A pair that work wonderful together, from small quick orgasms to a longer night of fun. Strong vibration in three speeds makes it very different from one time to the next, and the small little rabbit ears never fail to impress. While the size of the main part of the vibrator may be lacking for some the Jack Rabbit, or something with a double vibration (vibrator + attachment), is a definite plus to your classic dildos.

All in all, this is great toy for the price. This bunny was easy to use and control. On top of this, it is not a battery hog and I have only replaced the batteries once. Just a tip use Duracell as they seem to last longer then any off-brand.

This product is amazing there is not a single flaw. I have never used a better product before!! I especially love that it is waterproof and has 5 rows of rotating metal beads.

All in all I would recommend this vibrator cause it is worth the money. Cause the speed of the jack rabbit will sure get any woman rather you are easy or hard to have a orgasm to have one

This toy does the trick and it is really reliable. The quality and usefulness of this toy is amazing.Totally worth the money.

Great for beginners and experienced alike! I have a new pet rabbit! I strongly recommend this toy to EVERYONE regardless of experience level!

Most definitely worth the money! A very good, solid, basic rabbit vibrator that is waterproof too! The most amazing solo climaxes I've ever had!

The orgasms with this toy are wonderful and my husband enjoys "helping" give me them by using this toy! Highly recommended for couples looking to "spice up" the sex life!

I would highly recommend this jack rabbit to any woman who wants to be able to completely satisfy herself with a hearty, thick penetration and plenty of intense clitoral stimulation.

I love this rabbit! It has given me more orgasms than any other toy I own. It's really fun to play with and gives me amazing orgasms. Highly recommended!

The Waterproof Jack Rabbit is a permanent addition to my collection as a sturdy, basic rabbit vibrator. It’s got the power to help me come reliably when I need it.

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