Waterproof jack rabbit - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by VioletMoonstone

This expensive jelly toy didn't work for me.

This is my first rabbit vibrator and I had really high expectations. I thought it would knock my socks off but unfortunately my anatomy was the problem. I just couldn't get the ears on my clit and the pointy face was bothering me. The vibrations are strong but I couldn't really feel it and I don't really like the rotation. This vibrator is expensive and for this price I could have gotten something better. It's not a terrible toy but it just didn't work for me.
Waterproof, Texture, Easy to clean, battery pack was neat, Big!
Might not work with everyone's anatomy, Jelly material, Pointy rabbit face, Smells terrible!
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The Waterproof Jack Rabbit is made for insertion and clit stimulation at the same time. This jelly vibrator has 3 different vibration settings and 3 different rotation settings as well a reverse rotation button. You can choose to have whichever combination you want. You can choose to have the vibration on the highest setting and have the rotation completely turned off or have both on high! It all depends on what you're comfortable with.

This toy may not work with every woman's anatomy so it's something you'll just have to try for yourself. The rabbit part of the vibrator can bend forward slightly but it's very solid and doesn't move easily. I wish the rabbit's ears were just slightly longer for me. This is also a pretty big toy so if you're a total beginner with toys or have never had sex before you should definitely pass on this one!

I think this toy is best used solo when you're extremely horny and need something big! It's best when you use this when you're already really turned on from playing with other smaller toys, watching porn, ect...
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • On a bed only
    • Tub/shower/pool
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Multiple settings
    • Texture
    • Waterproof

Material / Texture

This vibrator is made out of jelly and if you don't know much about jelly I'd advise that you read up on it. When I ordered this toy I really didn't know a lot about toy materials and would just buy whatever looked pretty. Buying this toy taught me a lot about what I don't like! It didn't come in a box it came inside of a simple plastic bag and I have no idea if it contains phthalates or not.

The scent of this toy was overwhelming! It smells like one of those fat permanate black markers. I washed this toy over and over and the smell just won't go away. The toy's smell really turns me off. I could smell it in the corner of the room where I was airing it out. I'm not into licking toys but I'm sure it doesn't taste good either. I feel that if a toy is so bad that if you couldn't stand to put it near your face or in your mouth than you probably won't want to put it "down there" either.

The jelly material is kinda squishy in the middle and the head is solid. It has some texture bumps right below the head but I'd prefer not to even have it at all because it makes it more difficult to thrust with. It's a big toy and the added texture is too much for me. You can see the rotating beads through the jelly. The jelly is hotpink and clear.

The entire rabbit part of the vibrator is really solid and hard to move so it's tricky to get it into the right position. Reaching down and pressing forward on the rabbit's head and ears is the only way you can really try to get it on the right spot but it's a strain on the wrist and so is holding the toy in one hand for a long period of time because it makes your wrist tired. It's not a super heavy toy but it'll feel like one when you hold it for a few minutes! So unless it matches up with your body perfectly than you're probably going to have problems with it like I did.
    • Bumpy
    • Somewhat porous
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

The Jack Rabbit has a realistic shaped shaft with a bulbous head. There's also a few texture bumps near the head on the toy for added stimulation when you insert it. There's a little bumpy happy face right underneath the "mushroom head" which is a little creepy to me. I didn't realize it had that when I ordered it. The other bumps form a Y shape. The insertable length is about 5" and when I wrapped a tape measure around the widest part of the head the circumference was 5" around, so 2 1/2" wide. The head is very hard and solid but underneath where the rotation beads are located the toy is squishy yet firm.

The rabbit part of the vibrator has a pointy rabbit face and ears that are very close together. Inside the jelly material is an egg type vibrator. It's about 3 1/2" from the very bottom base right above the controls to the tips of the rabbit's ears. The ears are are 1/2" wide and 1" long (I wish they were a little longer!), the rabbit's head is about 1" wide, and the actual egg vibrator part has a 4" circumference so that would be 2" wide. The rabbit's pointy face stick out about 1/2". I'm guessing it's suppose to touch your clit or something? But there's just no way that would happen on anybody's body because it's way too close to the bottom of the insertion point. I really don't get it.

The overall look of the toy is nice and the pink color is pretty but I found that the design of the rabbit's face and ears really bothered me when I tried to insert the toy. The ears were just short of reaching my clit. It was so annoyingly close! They curve and end right underneath my clit without touching no matter how hard I tried to make it work. I just couldn't get the tip of the ears on my clit! The face is too pointy for me. The second time I tried the toy I didn't feel it as much for if you're not turned on enough or have enough lube the pointy face dragging up on your vagina isn't very pleasant at all.

I love the way you insert the batteries! The bottom cap screws off and this little plastic pack slides out. It holds 3 AA batteries that you insert into the pack, then you drop it back in and screw the cap back on. I think this feature of the toy is pretty cool.
    • Pretty
    • Realistic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are 3 settings for rotation and 3 settings for vibration that can be combined any way you want.

The controls are pretty simple even though it might look a little confusing at first. On the left side is the rotation up/down buttons with a 3 light gauge to show you which setting you're on. On the right is the vibration up/down buttons with the same light gauge. It looks the same on each side. The control pad is like a matte silver color with printed hotpink arrows and lettering. It says "rotation" on the left and "vibration" on the right. In the middle is a reverse rotation button. Let's say you turn on the rotation, the shaft will slowly start to rotate. It's not like spinning, it's like a "around and side to side" movement. You can make it go clockwise or counter clockwise using the button. The rotation and vibration have a low, medium, and high setting which can be combined in different combinations.

I noticed that it doesn't really affect the power if you have the vibration on and then turn the rotation on. It seems to be consistent. The rotation is strong for women you like rotation. The vibrations feel strong but I can't really tell because the ears don't reach my clit at all. The toy warms up but it doesn't really get hot like some other toys can. Overall I think it's built very well but again it's just not for me.

On the loudness level it's definitely not whisper quiet but it's not terribly loud. I'd say it's average for a big toy. The sound is like a repetitive, annoying, grinding machine noise. It's probably loud enough to hear in the next room.
    • Hard to figure out
    • Multiple settings
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

The Jack Rabbit is waterproof! It's very easy to clean. You can wash it in the sink with toy cleanser under hot water or you use toy spray and wipe it down. I'd prefer a full out washing. You could also use antibacterial hand soap to wash the toy but toy cleansers are best. Toy cleanser usually contains conditioners in it like vitamin E to keep your toys clean and shiny. I think hand soap is best for hands and toy cleanser is best for toys! But whichever way you decide to clean your toy it'll probably be fine.

Jelly toys can't be sterilized like silicone toys so if you're going to share this toy with someone you'll need to put a condom over it. According to Edenfantasy's guidelines, jelly is ranked as a 2 on the safety scale which isn't that great at all. Silicone and glass are a 10 so that gives you an idea of where this toy falls. Make sure you wash this toy very well before and after use! Use a condom with it to be extra safe.

You can use waterbased or silicone lube with this toy.

I find that this toy is hard to store because it didn't come in a box or anything to store it in. Plus it's so big and takes up space! I'd even prefer a cheap plastic shell to keep it in but it didn't come with anything. You'll have to get creative here and find something suitable to store it in where it's not going to pick up lint. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it. For now it's just sitting on top of another toy box covered with the remains of the plastic bag. It's a toy that definitely needs to air out for a few days because of the toxic waste smell. I noticed that after about 5 washings and days and days of airing out the smell decreased a lot but it still stinks.
    • Easy to clean
    • Hard to store
    • Waterproof


The Waterproof Jack Rabbit didn't come in a fancy or cute box I could have used for storage. It came in a simple plastic bag that you have to tear open. You'll have to find your own box or pouch to store it in. I understand that they were trying to use less waste by using such minimal packaging but I really like to store my toys in their original boxes if possible. Attractive packaging is a plus for me so I didn't like it.

The plastic bag simply says, "Waterproof Jack Rabbit by Edenfantasys" and it also says "Made in China" in printed black letters. It doesn't say anything about being pthalate free or any kind of instructions or anything. It's extremely minimal and lacking information.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Not good for storage

Personal comments

I'm disappointed that the jack rabbit didn't work for me. Oh well! I learned my lesson! Just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it might not work for you. It might fit your body but it's a chance you'll just have to take if you want it bad enough. From girl to girl, I'll tell you that you're better off spending your big bucks on a nicer silicone toy instead of this jelly toy. Keep looking!

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me.


This is the first rabbit vibrator I've ever purchased. The first time I used it was really annoying for me! I got it all lubed up and slowly inserted it until it felt comfortable. It's so big that I had trouble with it, especially due to the texture bumps. It's also hard to know exactly what buttons you're pushing so I just felt for the buttons until I got used to it, rotation buttons on one side and the vibration buttons on the other. At first I only tried the low settings and felt the rotation on the lowest speed. It felt weird and new to me and a bit annoying. It was pretty strong which some women may like but in my personal experience it felt intrusive and unpleasant.

Unfortunately the rabbit ears do not reach my clit! I swear the ears end right underneath it and it's so annoying. I tried inserting the toy as far as I could but I just couldn't do much else about it. I guess it's just an issue with my anatomy and not really to do with the toy itself. I feel like the pointy face of the rabbit is a big issue for me because it doesn't feel good when you insert the toy and feel it dragging upwards. Ow! I also feel like the face makes it harder for me to push the ears closer to my clit. I don't like the pointy rabbit face at all and wish it was flatter or rounder because it makes it really uncomfortable for me.

The rotation felt kinda good after a while but I certainly don't love it. The strong vibrating bullet inside of the rabbit is strong but because the ears don't reach my clit it's really boring... It's a strong vibrator but it's just not hitting me in the right spot at all so it totally annoys me and makes me want to fall asleep from the boredom because I can't feel it. It's such a shame because it's a really pretty toy and the vibration is strong but it just doesn't do a thing for me. It just doesn't fit my body.

It's quite a heavy toy for holding in one hand as well. You have to hold it by the base which holds the batteries and most of the weight. As I was trying to figure out the right position and trying to get those rabbit ears to reach my clit my wrist was getting sore and tired! I tried it as long as I felt comfortable but I just had to stop. I couldn't orgasm with it the first time so I just washed it and put it away. I was quite disappointed but thought that maybe because it's my first rabbit I just need to practice with it more until I get comfortable with it.

After using it a few more times to try my hardest to make it work I started to get more comfortable with the jack rabbit. Unfortunately the rabbit ears never reached my clit. Even after watching an hour of porn and playing with other toys first and getting wet and really turned on I was certain that it would finally work. Nope! Didn't work! It's also not very fun to thrust with because of the texture bumps and it's so big I feel like I can hardly move it sometimes. I don't know what I'm going to do with it now.
Follow-up commentary
I've tried the Waterproof Jack Rabbit and few times and I tried to make it work. To put it simply, it just doesn't work for me. I've had it for quite a while and it still has a strong smell. I've totally been ignoring it and it's just sitting in the box where I keep my other toys. I feel like I wasted money on it and if I could go back in time I wouldn't have purchased this. I'm disappointed about it but I feel like I've learned a lot. Just because my review wasn't so great doesn't mean that it won't work for you either. I think it all boils down to an anatomy issue. It just doesn't fit to my body so everyone could have a different experience.

I'd suggest reading all of the other reviews before you purchase this. This was my first rabbit and it was too girthy and the rabbit ears were too short. Maybe it was just me and not the toy. But the smell is a real turn off for everybody. If you don't like smelly jelly toys this probably isn't the toy for you.
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