Kheper Games 101 nights of grrreat sex - Adult game from Kheper Games

101 nights of grrreat sex Adult game by Kheper Games
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101 Nights of Grrreat Sex will keep you busy in bed and sometimes out of it. Roll the dice and move your gamepiece around the board, where will it land? Maybe on trivia, where you'll ask your partner one of 400 naughty questions, or maybe you'll have to give a 60 second teasing massage, or even lose an article of clothing. A dynamic game, you will be pleasantly surprised by the numerous sexy and intelligently written surprises in store. The 101 sealed seduction cards (half for her, half for him) can even be used independently of the game, if you'd rather set aside the dice and get straight to the action. Sealed cards are also marked with icons indicating if they are bedroom-oriented, require travel or preparation, or need nice weather to occur, this way you'll never be disappointed when you open a card.

Catalog ID: KHEBGR59

  • Properties

    The set includes:
    • Game board
    • 101 secret sealed seduction cards
    • two books of provocative trivia questions (one for her
    • one for him)
    • a notepad for writing sexy notes
    • a pencil
    • one die
    • and two game pieces.
    3 lb

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