101 nights of grrreat sex - adult game by Kheper Games - review by Curiously Aroused

101 nights of grrreat sex

Adult game by Kheper Games

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Great sex on a board game!

For the price, this game is definitely worth the money. If you think you are able to really let loose and have fun with this, then you will absolutely love it. But, if you don't take things a little bit further than doing exactly what the instructions say, it could be kind of boring.
The game is interactive, and allows you to take it as far as you choose.
Until you really get into the game it can move a bit slowly.
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Purpose / Audience

Well obviously the goal of this game is to have great sex, but it really approaches it in a unique and interactive manner. You will have to use a little bit of imagination, and it also helps to become completely comfortable (I recommend sharing a glass of wine with your sweetie or doing something equally relaxing before hand).

The game itself can be interesting for just about any couple, as it is completely open to interpretation. What I mean by this is that portions of the game are completely straight forward (give the other person a back rub), while others are completely up to you (have fun with food) which you can take as far as you choose. The game can be useful to beginners or newer couples who are looking to learn more about each other, or for those who have been together for years and want to spice things up.

The great thing about the game is that it never really gets boring, as there are new twists each time you play (there are secret cards that you earn and get to actually tear open, then you do what the card says). The part that I loved the most is that you get to points where you put secret notes or objects into the box, to use later on when things get really heated, so the entire time you are wondering what the other person put in the box.

Rules / Content

The game is played by rolling the dice and moving the designated number of spaces. There are some that involve food, some involve trivia. The trivia is great because there are two different books intended for each person. The questions are different for each person, and you can ask whatever questions you want (they are actually very interesting and informative questions that all involve sex, sensuality, love, etc).

Basically, when the other person answers a question correctly, they get to pick a secret card that tears open. Now they can't open it right away, the person with the most at the end gets to open the ones they won. Each card has a different instruction on it that must be carried out, some take no preparation, some require you to drive somewhere, and some require you to purchase the required item.

The instructions were great and extremely detailed. They did take a while to read through, so I would recommend reading them together before hand so you don't completely kill the mood trying to concentrate on the rules. Once you start playing the game though, you really don't have to worry about the rules. It's more fun if you take things into your own hands and make up your own rules (as long as both partners agree about the ones you come up with).


I think that the game was designed fairly well, but it all depends on the person playing it with. If you really don't use your imagination and tease the other person, then the game play or the flow of the game can be fairly slow and boring. But if you just relax and have fun, then it can be a really great game.

The fact that it makes you use your imagination gives you the freedom to take things as far, or not as far, as you choose is what makes this game a lasting classic in my book. I think this game could last throughout a good portion of a couple's relationship. You will most likely start off being more timid and reserved with each other, but the longer you are together and the more comfortable you become around one another, the more you will get into the game and just open up (which is always more fun).

Actually, the game itself could help you open up if you challenge yourself to do so. The game board is fairly simple, with a path around the board that you follow. It is very colorful and moves in a circle, which shows that you end the game when you decide that you are ready to do more than just tease each other. The pieces are just your typical plastic board game pieces but come in different colors.

Personal comments

All in all, this game is a great way to bring two people closer together, or add spice to a tired relationship. As long as you have fun then you will love this game.
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