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101 nights of grrreat sex

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101 Reasons to get this game!

This is a really fun game that will definitely increase the intimacy level between you and your partner. You will literally get 101 nights of GRRREAT sex out of this game because there are 101 fantasies to complete! Definitely worth the investment.
Easy to use, very creative and lost of fun.
Some seductions are expensive, no real options of homosexual couples.
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101 Nights of GRRREAT Sex is a board game adaptation of some of the books Laura Corn has written to encourage couples to get creative in the bedroom. Instead of reading your 'sealed secret seduction' and surprising your partner with invitations to play out their wildest fantasies, you get to spend the evening playing a game that will increase your intimacy and prepare you for the seduction the winner gets to choose.

You'll want to set the mood before you begin. This isn't like Monopoly. Light some candles, play some romantic music, put the kids to bed early, and turn off your cell phones. Read the rule book and be sure you've got everything handy that you might need. There are times where you'll need something that will be suited to use as a blindfold or handcuffs (scarf, neck tie, or even some real ones you purchased will do). Some of the actions require food so you'll want to pick up a bottle of wine, maybe some chocolates or bite size fruit. Make sure you've showered and prepared for a night of intimacy too! Once you've got all that taken care of you can set up the game. I recommend playing on a large bed or on the floor because you'll need the extra space for some of the activities.

What comes in the box?

An 18.5" x18.5" game board
101 Secret Sealed Seduction cards
1 Notepad
1 pencil
2 Erotic Trivia Books (one for his eyes only, the other for hers)
2 game markers (1 white, 1 black)
a die
The Rules

The game board is pretty easy to use. It's a big circle with inch-wide squares. Each square has a different action on it that you will play out however you like. Something I really enjoyed about this game is that it was so customizable. Each Seduction is a small, rectangular cardboard card (a little smaller than an index card). It has only the title of the seduction and it's colored red (50 for her eyes only) or black (50 for his eyes only). They have little icons on them as indicators for what will be needed to complete the seduction. For some you may only need a bed, and others may take a few weeks of planning and budgeting. There is one final seduction that you get to open after you've used the other 100.

Moving around the board you'll land on eight different actions:

The question mark: If you land on this spot you will pick up the appropriate Erotic Trivia book and ask your partner a question. You can ask them a multiple choice question, a leading question (meant to 'lead' to stimulating conversation about the answer), and kiss questions (where you're meant to show and tell your partner about the kiss in question). A correct answer wins your partner a Sealed Secret Seduction of their choice. The first player to collect five seductions wins the game.

Truffles/Champagne bottle/ Cherry: This is a food icon and you should take a moment to feed each other some of the food you brought or drink a glass of wine... or eat it off of each other.

Pandora's Box: You find an item (a toy, a photo, a lube or anything you like) and place it inside the empty game box. At the end of the game you get to open the box and share everything with your partner. You may want to pick something you intend to use that night during your seduction or something romantic.

Secret Note: You'll use the pencil and notepad to write a love note to your partner and tuck into the game box. Like with the Pandora's Box, you'll get to read them at the end of the game.

Bra/Shoe: You take something off or put something on.

Kiss me... somewhere: Kiss your partner. However you like, and take your time doing it.

Blindfold/Handcuffs: Use whatever you brought to serve as such and tease your partner for at least one minute. Kiss them, lick them, spank them! Whatever you like!

60 second massage: You get a 1-minute massage from your partner, or if you're not fond of massages you can give one to your partner.

If after all of this you make it to the end of the game and someone wins, they get to choose two of the seductions on the board. They can choose two for the 'loser' to surprise them with, two to surprise the 'loser' with, or one from each of the his and hers piles. The only real rule is to pick one with a bed icon and one without so that you get to do one of the seductions that night after the game. The other can be done another night to allow time for planning.
As I mentioned earlier, each seduction has icons on it indicating what you'll need to complete it. They can get pricey, but you can adjust them to fit your budget usually. The author does recommend that you go all out at least a couple of times a year.

$ (10-25)
$$ (30-60)
$$$ (65- 100)
$$$$(over 100)

Most of the seductions don't require a lot of money, but some of them may take a little extra budgeting if you don't have a lot of disposable income. Other icons suggest non-monetary items you will need. You may need nice weather, a meal, a gift or a car for traveling. Don't let that discourage you from trying the game because there are plenty of seductions that don't require such elaborate plans. You can also adjust them to suit your needs or take as much time as you like to complete them.

My husband and I had a lot of fun playing this game. We've tried a few other board games in the past and we were a little skeptical at first. We decided to give this one a shot since we've been doing another one of Laura Corn's books (52 Invitations to GRRREAT Sex). We are very happy with how the game has worked for us.

We had to wait a bit so that we could purchase some truffles and a bottle of wine to play, but after playing we realized we don't actually need all of that. It was actually more fun and intimate to use some of our chocolate body paint for the food icons. We also melted one of our massage candles and kept it handy for the 60-second massages. You can get as elaborate as you like. We really enjoyed how easy it was to adjust the game to suit our needs.

I did want to provide some examples of the Sealed Secret Seduction here too. This is the most recent one we've done. My husband won the game and let me choose one for him to fulfill. It was entitled "Massage Collage" and is for his eyes only. There is an icon of a bed on the front so you know it can be completed the same night you win the game with little preparation.

You peel back the tab (the edges are perforated so it's easy to do) and there is a list of ingredients as well as a brief description of what to do. The ingredients for this seduction were candles, warm massage oil, a dryer full of warm towels, a robe and sexy music. After you get the ingredients together you follow the directions. For this one he was suppose to give me a massage and tease me with kisses, nibbles, and eventually some dirtier things. Alternating between massaging me and ahem...

It was a lot of fun and that night ended with us collapsing into bed contented.

It’s also worth mentioning that this wouldn't be something that I think same sex couples would be able to enjoy. It’s pretty obviously designed with heterosexual couples in mind.
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