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Product: Comfy position sling
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What makes it awesome

  • Featuring a soft pillow for the neck support this sling adds a new degree of fun to your bedroom play.
  • The long tethers hold the legs in the air for the most orgasmic positions.
  • 2 detachable handcuffs allow hand restraining.
  • The Velcro closures on the plushy cuffs are easy to adjust and unfast.

A closer look

Allow yourself to dip your toes in bondage play with this fantastic and comfortable pillow and cuffs restraint system. With a comfy pillow supporting neck and head and 4 cuffs gently hugging wrists and ankles, no teasing or pleasing is off the table. Put all your skills as a lover to the test and drive each other wild with pleasure.

Sexy play ideas

Design / Material

Material: Nylon / Plush

Color: Black

Weight: 3.5 lb

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Charm Wear

Catalog ID: OYC809571


Sex sling and support special features: Adjustable / Padded

  • It's so easy to set up and really provides comfort for my partner when she's on her back with her legs positioned up toward the ceiling.

  • This really helped me keep my legs in a position above my head for an extended period without getting tired.

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