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Product: Door jam sex sling
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What makes it awesome

  • This sturdy and fully adjustable door jam sex sling supports up to 325 pounds.
  • The seat, hand straps, and footrests are easily adjustable for the most comfortable fit.
  • Versatile swing offers a multitude of positions to explore, making your dreams come true.
  • Easy set up over any door and compact size make it a great choice for fun far from home.

A closer look

Try zero-gravity lovin' with this fun-tastic door jam sex sling. Just throw the metal bars over the door, close it and jump right into the action, trying the entire row of wildly erotic positions you always wanted to try. With sturdy straps and a comfy seat supporting you 100%, there is no limit to your pleasure. Arm up with Kama Sutra and master all the positions together with your bae.

Sexy play ideas

Design / Material

Material: Nylon

Color: Black

Length: 69 1/2"

Strap width: 2"

Weight: 3 lb

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Catalog ID: SS32403


Sex sling and support special features: Adjustable / Padded

  • I definitely recommend this to couples who are adventurous, eager to try new things, in good shape and who like to have a lot of fun and laughs in the bedroom. Super easy stow-away makes it perfect to take on a honeymoon or weekend trip.

  • Sturdy. Fun. Easy to "install."

  • Comfortable, Easy to use, Sturdy, Well built, Adjustable

  • I recommend the Door Jam Sex Sling to anyone interested in getting off their back or knees and up into the air. Its sturdy design and creative adjustability make this a fun toy to have on hand.

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