Ooh, A Seat!

This swing is a fantastic option for those of us who don't like having pretty much all of their weight being held up by two points on our thighs. The handy dandy seat that comes with this swing gives us a comfy place to put our butts, while still providing a place to put our feet for some extra stability and even some hand grips if we feel like we need them.
Comfortable, Easy to use, Sturdy, Well built, Adjustable
May not work for plus sized users
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So what exactly is this, and what is its purpose?

This is an over the door sling, designed to give you a new place to get it on. It works with just about any door, although it's best if you use a solid core door rather than a hollow one.

What does the packaging look like?

Not discreet in the least bit. It's a very large cardboard box that has photos of a couple in various positions you can use the sling for. The back has a lot of photos that are actually pretty helpful, and the bottom has some even more helpful cautions.

What is it made out of? How do I care for it?

The seat appears to be made of neoprene (or something very similar), the webbing is all nylon, the clips are plastic, the pieces that you hold with your hand have an acrylic or plastic tube on them to help hold shape and give you something nicer to grip on than nylon webbing, and the parts that go over the door feature some plastic capped metal for weight. If you got it really messy, I'd think you could put it in the washing machine inside of a pillow case on cold and gentle, but otherwise I'd spot clean anything you manage to get onto it. Store it in the box it came in, or folded up in a drawer.

Ok, tell me more about the swing itself.

It's adjustable, and features a pretty nifty seat. I guess I'll start at the top though. There are two straps that you toss over the top of your door. Using it on the outward swinging side is most recommended in case the latch fails and the door opens so you don't end up between the door and a wall. A solid door will also be a better choice than a hollow door because the solid door can support more. Each of the weights are about 4" across and are capped with plastic so they'll stay inside the nylon loops. Going down from there about 4" or so you come to the hand hold strap. Where all the rest of the webbing is 2" across and thick, this is thinner and about 1" across. It's 15 1/2" long from the end of the handle to where it connects to the thicker webbing and is not adjustable. Going down about 5 more inches, you come to a crossroads where the foot holder and the seat holder split off. The foot holder is all nylon webbing, and can be adjusted to anywhere from 14" to 53" long, depending on where you want your feet placed. The height of the seat can also be adjusted depending on the height of the person standing and what actions they want to perform. The seat can hang anywhere from 56" from where it meets the top webbing to about 10". One solid piece of webbing comes down and meets a loop of webbing that comes out from each corner of the seat. The seat is about 17" across and 7" deep and is built pretty sturdily. The loops of webbing I mentioned? actually sewn the whole length of the underside of the seat.

What is it good for, and how well does it work? Is it comfortable?

It's fantastic if you want to have standing sex or oral with a twist and can't quite hold your partner up yourself for long periods of time. It really does take a load off the back. You can have one person sit in the swing and the other person kneel or stand in front of them and start the sexing. If you don't want to be up against a door but have two doors right across from each other in a hallway, you can put one arm over each of those and be suspended in the seat in the middle. It may not be the best option for some plus sized folks, but I do believe that as long as you're under the recommended weight limit for both the swing (about 325 pounds) and the door, that you'll be fine. In use it's surprisingly comfortable. The seat takes your weight and doesn't put all of the pressure on any single point like slings with thigh holders instead of seats do.

What's the quality like?

Surprisingly awesome actually. There's nothing that looks like it's going to fall apart and there are no loose threads or frayed ends. Everything looks like it's going to hold up for a long time.

Got any pictures?

Of course I do! Here's a shot of it on a door, and a few closeups of the the over the door portions, the handles, the seat, and the foot rests.

We have another over the door dealy and we liked it a lot. I'm not normally one to get duplicates of things like that, especially if they don't get a lot of routine use to begin with, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to own one with a seat and I have to say, I don't think I want to go back to the other one. With this one I do on occasion worry about falling out of it, but I'll gladly take that over the straps digging into my thighs if I stay in the sling too long.
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