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Bad back? Bad knees? Perhaps a romp with the sex sling could be your ticket to pain free fun? A sex sling designed for couples in mind, sit back and let them explore your body and tease and tantalize ...
Easy to use, hassle free bedroom fun.
Removable parts would be a bonus for cleaning.
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Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling is the perfect friend for oral sex as well as the obvious benefits for the guy to thrust to his heart's content without any tiring that is normally involved in having to hold his girl up. Great for girl on girl strap on sex fun too. If you are kinky ... well the possibilities of having a submissive sitting in this position with legs wide is great for all types of flogging, strapping, caning etc.

The details on the underside of the box suggest for use with a partner and to be quite honest I don't see the point in trying to use it by oneself?!?! Maximum weight in the sling is 325 pounds and they advise use on a solid door and not a hollow door (hollow doors may not support weight).

Use on the 'outside' of the door, not on the side that opens inwards as there could be a risk of the door opening while in use (normally a faulty lock would be the problem). Wasn't a problem when testing it but you never know, it's always better to be safer than sorry. The other suggestion Sportsheets makes is to pop a small mattress or cushions underneath the sling on the floor in case the person slips out of the sling.

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The workmanship on this sling exceeded expectations. It's extremely well made with thick nylon strapping (50mm wide x 2mm thickness). The buckles are self locking and made of extremely solid, thick plastic. To adjust the strapping is very simple: a simple lift and adjust, and when the clasp is released back into place it self locks. As an extra precaution it has pointed teeth to hold it in place on the underside of the buckle.

The hand holders are stitched loops of thinner strapping with thick, clear plastic tubing for a place to grip with the hands. These can get a little slippery if you are prone to sweaty hands, but they are relaxing to hold onto and carry weight well.

Each end at the top has a well sticked end and inserted is a strong , hollow alloy tube with plastic coverings on each end. These bits remind me of the plastic covers on the bottom of school chairs.

The seat of the sling is relatively padded for comfort but I found the edges can dig into the thighs a little, so I would suggest a removable covering, towel or small cushion for extra comfort.

The sling is NOT a suspension unit of any sort so it's not a wise idea to use it for that purpose at all.

Weight wise, all in all it's relatively lightweight and easy to use.


It is so damn easy to use...

Loop the two weighted ends over the door and close. It's that simple, so there's no mucking about setting it all up as the sling is all in one piece.

Then sit in the seat.

Grab hand grips and let your partner help slip your feet into the foot supports.

The leg height is adjustable and you can have your legs positioned higher or lower which makes for different penetration angles.

You can pull the buckles to adjust positions and get comfortable.


The sling comes in a cardboard box about 240mm in width and 345mm in height and about 160mm in width so it's not inconspicuous. There are pictures of a model sitting in the sling with a male standing beside/in front, and a variety of images that display different positions and ways to use the sling. It is most definitely not a coffee table ornament unless you are giving a talk on 'how to have sex without puffing'. There is nothing inside the box except the sling. So no instruction sheet - there is a small paragraph printed on the bottom of the outside of the box and that's it. And unfortunately no travel bag: I do recommend finding yourself one.

Care and Maintenance

There are no instructions included with the sling on how to care for the product. Warm soapy water should do the trick and then make sure it's hung up in an airy spot to dry. The buckles and other bits are not removable. Store in a carry bag of your own or the box it came in. Personally I prefer a cute wee bag instead of the bulking great cardboard box.


Perfect for oral sex. Okay for standing sex. Not something to jump the walls and rave about. A different kind of fun can be had, though, with a subbie exposed and told to sit with her legs wide and take whatever the dominant chooses to dish out. Could be a tickle with a feather or vampire gloves on the inner thigh or a slap with a viper tongue or whip or a sensual flogging building to a crescendo. I'll leave that to your own imagination.

Can be a bit noisy with a body banging against a door.
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